Why haven't I played this yet? 2011 Edition.

List items

  • You should play Saints Row. And by you I mean me.

  • I even own this already. I want to get through Witcher 1 first. Hi, I am dumb.

  • I wasn't sure about this one, but I keep hearing good things about it from the weirdest cross-section of people.

  • More of the same, right? But I loved the shit out of the last instalment, and Top Gear is kind of the best thing. GB for cars. Almost exactly. So. Gotta play this. (Also, if they ever make a car about games, hire GB for the in-car commentary. Seriously guys. Pro tip.)

  • Bastion just straight up looks cool as shit. My inner skeptic made me steer clear until the hype cooled down a bit, but it still looks like it's definitely worth the time.

  • All I know about this is that it's pretty and chill and you run. For lanterns. And then scream at your friends and fail miserably over and over. Sign me up.

  • I have heard the legends about the original Deus Ex. I never really played it. I know, a mortal Serious Gaming Sin, but I never got through the first mission. Which is the worst part. Anyway, whatever, I love cyberpunk. I can't not play this.

  • French messed up broken cyberpunk weirdness? See above, but more so. I expect to play this for a grand total of thirty minutes. Great investment, future me.

  • Worried it's going to be a huge disappointment compared to the succinct masterpiece of the original. I've probably waited long enough, though.

  • I love drivin'. And weird coma world? I'm in!

  • Even though I took Rock Band's guitar mode to school and back, it always really bothered me when it was way out of sync with reality. I gotta try this. I might get lost in it for weeks.

  • Hey look it's the only fighting game I ever felt like I could play.

  • ... Okay, I just really like planes, you guys.