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I know this isn't the same as walking into a store and getting it (although some parts of Canada do have same day shipping), but Amazon.ca still has the grey Switch in stock (and I could get it next day at the very least).

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@hadoken101: This is all from a post on Reddit (so take it with a grain of salt), but it looks like people are leaving Impact because they've changed the way they're paying people. In the past, you'd be paid by appearance (so taping two shows in a day would be two appearances) and now they want people to go back to the old (aka The Jarrett days) system of paying people per day (flat fee no matter how many tapings you work in a day). This has apparently annoyed a lot of the top tier guys who feel that they can leave and make as much/more money elsewhere. Also, it looks like Jarrett wants to make the company tour again (because TNA house shows haven't already been made fun of enough) and, to do that, he wants people in exclusive deals (instead of the current TNA deals that allow people to work other indies).

This is going to be an interesting time.

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Since this thread is on a video game website, both of WWE's mobile games are feuding on Twitter:

Now, THAT'S a WrestleMania main event!

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@papercut I'm going with The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose!

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@drdarkstryfe: @wmoyer83: Actually, they own the rights to the IC Title currently being used. The point of speculation is that, when the classic IC Title design was reintroduced, Cody [Redacted] actually paid to have the title made and, legally, is the owner of this title belt. A few months later, WWE commissioned a different version of the Intercontinental Championship that they then used, which they own. And, to distance themselves even more from the Cody version, when WWE changed logos in 2014, they created a new version of the title with the new logo on it.

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Just finished watching Okada/Omega and, wow, I'm not a regular NJPW viewer and the last few times there was hype surrounding a match I found it overrated, but this is undoubtedly the match of the year (short of a miracle). While I'm not sure if this is my favourite match ever (or if this is a rating scale breaking match), it was brilliant from beginning to end and there is no world were Kenny Omega isn't a major star after this.

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I hope we don't see Lesnar vs Shane at Mania. Considering both men's rubbish matches last year, seems like a recipe for boredom.

As an update, Meltzer said today that the three locked in matches for WrestleMania are:

- Brock Lesnar/Goldberg III
- Seth Rollins/Triple H
- Big Show/Shaq

He then said that there are two options for The Undertaker:

- vs. John Cena for the WWE Title
- vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Title

With the reasoning that while Cena is the dream match that gets brought up all the time, it doesn't build to the future, something that a match with Reigns should in theory do. Also, while nothing is certain, this could be Taker's last Mania match, so if they don't do Reigns this year, they might never be able to. He mentioned that who leaves The Rumble as Champion should be a good indicator of what direction they're going in.

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Shane vs Brock at Mania according to Meltzer. I'm sure that will be a garbage fire of a build.

That was clearly the original plan for Mania, but I seem to remember reading quite recently Meltzer stating that Vince changed his mind and they're doing Lesnar/Goldberg III (and how the change from The Passion of The Shane to Goldberg ruffled a lot of feathers backstage). Either way, I don't much care for what they do with Lesnar, but they're mad if they don't capitalize on the bigger match.

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@meatsim said:

Okada VS. Milla Jovovich.

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Ha! Just got this as a pre-roll ad on YouTube.