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Nintendo Conference reactions

DSI: This was probably the biggest announcement from the event. I'm gonna stick with the DS I already have. The games still work with it and most camera based games that are currently out aren't all that great. As for the DS ware, I get the feeling that the good ones will eventually come to a cart. And the browser will probably be pretty damn slow. 

Wii Games: There were some interesting ones there. That Capcom fighter, Kloana, Sin and Punishment 2, and others that I don't know what they're called looked like they could be good. The Wii game of the show though, Punch-Out. I am freaking pumped for that game.

Wii Speak Channel: Gimmick.

Wii STorage Solution: Not sure what made them change their minds about saving to SDs. BUt as long as they did, I'm good with it.

Play it on Wii: So much for a new Pikmin. But still, I didn't have a Gamecube, so maybe a couple of these remakes will be worth checking out.

DS Games: A lot of familiar faces here. Which isn't nessacarily a bad thing. I'm always up for a new Kirby game. Mario and Luigi, Layton, and Chrono look cool. And of course  Dragon Quest 9 looks amazing. I was surprised at how many RPG's there were. If this Wario is anything like the others, the I'll just Gamefly it. Then there were a couple games that I have no idea what they were, but were interesting to say the least. 

Club Nintendo in the U.S: Awesome. Some of the stuff they offer is so damn cool.

So, did NIntendo show that it is supporting the hardcore crowd? I think it's definitely a start. Only time will tell. What do you think?

Beat Uncharted

Just thought I'd tell you. Look for my review soon.

P.S. To anyone else who finished that game: 
Wasn't that a dissapointing final boss fight?

Giant Bomb

I've come here from Gamespot and am right now exploring all the sites features. I will also put my reviews from there here.Ffeel free to add me to your friends list.

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