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Wuhu Island to become a Nintendo Mainstay


So in the latest segment Iwata Asks, Miyamoto talked about the island making its debut in Wii Sports Resort, Wuhu Island. In addition to being featured in Wii Sports Resort, it is also being featured Wii Fit Plus. Miyamoto later goes on to say that the island could be used as setting for a variety of games, citing city-building simulations, adventure games, and rpgs as possible genres that could be implemented on this island. Miyamoto goes on to say that players would become familiar island, so they would already know where most things were when they play the next game featuring this island.

This obviously leaves people wondering what else Nintendo will release with Wuhu Island as the setting. As I mentioned before, Miyamoto said that city-building simulations, rpgs, and adventure games as possible gnres, so there may be the possibility for new IPs there. Yamashita mentions that there are ancient ruins behind the volcano, so that is possible something they can expand on. But seeing as how Nintendo's way has been to keep releasing games in existing franchises, it's almost assured that classic Nintendo characters will be making appearances on Wuhu. The first thing that came to my mind was the possibilty for a new Mario game featuring gameplay similar to Super Mario Sunshine. But Nintendo may be cautious about that considering some the negative receptiion that Sunshine got. Then again, negative reception has never stopped Nintendo before. Michael McWhertor joking suggested  in his Kotaku article that Miyamoto was hinting about the next Pikmin game coming to the Island when he said, "Everyone could play in a location they were familiar with which would truly turn it into a miniature garden." I could see this happening though. I could also see a new Donkey Kong taking place in an island jungle. But of course there are franchises that wouldn't fit in with the island. For example, I can't imagine Link running around on a tropical island.

So now's the part where I ask for the opinions of everyone else. How do you feel about Wuhu Island becoming a setting for multiple Nintendo games? What genres do you think would be good for the island? What Nintendo franchises do you think would fit well on the island?