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Who would you like to see return in KOF XV ?

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SVC Chaos II

If I were designing the newest SNK vs Capcom game (based on KOF XIII HD Sprites) This would be my roster. - Complete-

List items

  • SNK's MVP. No longer would Kyo be the main character (still can't figure that one out). Terry has been the King of Fighters for SNK and should be for all time! Also I would go with his Mark of the Wolves look.

  • Capcom's MVP. While he's not my favorite, he is Capcom's #1 fighter (no denying that).

  • Andy was left out of the first game, he deserves to be in the second.

  • Where Ryu goes so does Ken.

  • Rounding out the SNK golden trio.

  • I always liked to pit Sagat against Joe, Muay Thai vs Muay Thai.

  • SNK's original Kunochi easily makes the roster for this game.

  • Maki returns from CvS2 to take place on this roster

  • The new face of SNK (IMHO). Rock Howard is a force to be reckoned with.

  • One of Capcom's cooler characters (if borrowing a bit from Iori). Remy was a great addition to SF3.

  • Kula vs Capcom Girls = fun times!

  • I'd have Sakura as sub Boss Dark Sakura (only playable by code in arcade, unlockable on consolue).

  • The best female boxer in gaming (probably cause there aren't many).

  • Another Final Fight import. Lucia was a nice addition to the fading beat'em ups so I'd like to see her given the 2D fighter treatment.

  • The King of Fighter's first lady of (combat) wrestling

  • Speed & Agility, Cammy would be awesome in SVC2

  • SNK's bad boy would be welcome in my game to give it some fresh blood and take on some of the Capcoms.

  • Returning from CvS2, Kyosuke wants to face more SNK opponents.

  • The Art of Fighting military man is ready for his HD update.

  • Come on... who doesn't want Guile to take on Crawley?

  • One of the Hakkesshu, Mature would be a great addition to this game.

  • The SNK character designed by Capcom. Crimson Viper is an interesting addition to the world of Street Fighter and makes my list to get the SNK HD Sprite treatment.

  • One of the Hakkesshu, Vice would be a great addition to this game.

  • Evil Tae Kwan Do expert Juri easily makes this list.

  • Another of Mark of the Wolves cool characters. Jenet is beautiful and an amazing fighter.

  • The rival of Sakura would be a fine addition to SVC2.

  • Hailing from Mark of the Wolves, Gato is a great new(er) addition to the classic SNK characters.

  • Gen represents Capcon Kung Fu.

  • SNK's KOF Male ninja needs some exposure. Here he is.

  • An update to the SF1 character. Would make update his moves but make him different than Vega (style wise).

  • Adding more Muay Thai power to this game.

  • Capcom's #2 Muay Thai fighter would be a fine addition to SVC2.

  • The son of KOF Villain Rugal would rule in this game.

  • The SF3 protagonist would be a good foe for the SNK's.

  • Iori would have to be in this game, just because I admit he has a large fan following.

  • The Spanish Ninja is just the right kind of evil to be in this game.

  • Master of the Escrima, Mr. Big would take it to Capcom foes.

  • Rolento's military skills vs SNK opponents.

  • It's Time.. it's Raiden Time!!!

  • I am the Brute Squad!!!

  • The beast, Ryuji would run wild all over Capcom foes.

  • The boxing beast is in the house.

  • Khushnood Butt/Marco Rodriguez is my choice represent the good of Kyokugen Karate.

  • Sean would be a fine addition to SVC2.

  • The Nameless one vs Capcom's best...

  • Capcom needs more real fighters (from other Capcom games) so I'd import him from FF2.

  • Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate is a bad @ss and deserves to return to the series but as a Mid-Boss.

  • Any game that features Ryu must feature Akuma. Preferably Shin Akuma. Would be a Mid-Boss

  • The boss of the Ash Crimson Saga would be the final boss for the Capcom Fighters.

  • Gouken infected by the Satsui no Hado would be the final boss for the SNK Cast of Fighters.