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@SSully said:

I have had a pretty negative view of Peter over the course of this gen because of his tendancy to over hype games and over sell his ideas. But I have read a lot of interviews in the last few weeks about him and damn it, he is an admirable person. He truly loves his job and loves this industry, and that is what will lead to great games. I can't wait to see what him and his new studio comes up with.

I have to agree with you. I look forward to what 22 cans puts out. I believe Peter Molyneaux resignation from Lionhead Studios allows us to see the games Peter have always wanted to create. If anything it takes a good soul to speak at a game jam, which for all intended purposes, is mocking his gaming ideas.

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At least he didn't say "Twilight, one of the best books ever".

Indeed, I actually quite enjoyed the Hunger Games. It's well written and has a decent story, so it being the new thing for teen girls to squeal over is a bit less offensive.

Calling it "one of the best books ever" was obviously going to raise some eyebrows, but I think it was just a poor choice of words on the OP's part. If he meant it literally.. then I'd recommend Dune and generally just reading more. I wouldn't call the Hunger Games great, let alone "best ever". There are much better books out there.

I'd have to agree 100% with you. Vivek clarifies "one of the best books ever" was an exaggerated statement. I believe the movie is the best movie out so far this year (2012).

That said, there has been an incredible slump in the movie industry lately. There aren't very many original ideas, characters, or even settings. I believe the film contributed to each of these sets to varying degrees. I'll rank them from least to greatest.

Spoiler Alert

3) Original Setting: The capital. The capital was an all too familiar setting where fashion, etiquette, and entertainment are the major concerns. In contrast the districts are forced to hunt and mine for the basic necessities of food, shelter, and water. This is a reflection of our own world. We hear more about Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian than we do about the candidates for our own presidential election. At the same time African residents are to busy finding water and food for their own children to worry about presidential elections. We are completely oblivious to these worlds, yet they exist in the same realm. You can buy a ticket and witness it for yourself (wouldn't recommend it), but we are too busy living our own lives. This is pretty liberal commentary, and I'm not suggesting everyone travels to Africa and brings a gallon of water with them. I'm just explaining the idea of the capital representing an exaggerated version of advanced countries, and the districts representing third world countries. Our problems are trivial compared to theirs. I'm lucky enough to never have to deal with such problems.

2 ) original idea: Death arena starring children. The arena is one of the oldest concepts in literature. From David and Goliath in the Bible, to the Thunder Dome in the Mad Max Series. The idea of an inescapable place where one must fight to the death to leave such hell is not a new concept. An arena filled with children isn't a new concept either. Battle Royale and Lord of the Flies (to an extent) explore the nasty things children will do to other children in order to survive. So whats original about the Hunger Games here? The Hunger Games adds the "Roman Audience" into the mix by emphasizing the need to impress the global community to gain an edge in games. This element contorts the events that occur in the games, and simultaneously provides social commentary on reality shows in our own culture. People love to watch other people hurt themselves "Jackass", fall in love "Bachelor"-"Flavor of Love"(usually ends in divorce), and compete "Survivor"-"American Idol"-"Fear Factor". There are plenty of examples; I just chose the classics. Most of us are guilty of watching and maybe getting hooked on such a show, and we really don't care about the real people behind these shows. At the same time we are the sole reason for the existence of such insanely stupid shows.

1) Original Character: I went into the movie, dragged by my girlfriend. I expected a half assed kids adventure, in which the characters were stupid and the events stupider (thats right stupider; its the only word that explains how stupid most kids movies are).I was most surprised by Rue.Despite the chaos that goes on around her, she remains caring, smart, and resourceful. She is a unique symbol for a timeless message "Good can never be conquered by evil". The only character I can think of that compares to Rue is the protagonist "Bruno" from The Boy in Stripped Pajamas . The idea that a child can remain unscathed by the darkness around them is not an original concept. However helping an enemy at their darkest hour when all of their enemies are hunting you down. That's the type heroism I have only seen exemplified in Rue. Rue becomes a martyr for her district to rebel against the order; big change comes from small events. Rue is definitely the most original character I've seen in quite awhile, and I appreciate the writing behind her.

The book may not be one of the best books ever written, but it provides a substantial amount of commentary and originality. So now that I put out what I thought about the movie, let the hate begin :-).

@clumsyninja1 said:

Best teen books ever ...maybe but best book ever? I don't believe so, there's' a lot choose. For me the Dark Tower series is pretty amazing...

I am currently on the second book The Drawing of Three. I am really enjoying it.

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I believe in a thing called Brad!

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At least he didn't say "Twilight, one of the best books ever".

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In order for your renown to go up you must participate in battles where the enemy is an even match. Also try helping out villages, and completing quests. There isnt a limit on renown You can gain renown in a number of ways: Winning battles - The more the odds are stacked against you, the more renown you will earn. Winning Tournaments Completing Quests/missions Holding successful Feasts (Warband only)

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Thats incredible. It seems rediculous that microsoft charges 50 dollars for what is usually free then fails to secure the accounts of their customers.

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X3 Get it!!!!. Its not so much a strategy game as it is a space simulator. Its basically an open world space sim with a very interesting economy system.