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I would love another Battlefront game. Hell I am just looking for a good new Star Wars game. I am getting tired of replaying KOTOR and Jedi Academy to get my Star Wars fix. Now if this story had said that a new X-Wing Alliance was 99% done, I would give all of my current and future earnings to give that to the world. It's a damn shame no one has made a great Star Wars space sim in a while.

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I like the Jay-Z involvement. He brings a certain amount of cache when his name is listed on a product. Could have picked some better tracks though. I am a huge Daft Punk fan, but Around the World, not exactly a song to ball to. If I were Jay-Z I would have just put a bunch of my own stuff and Kanye. Not like there are many better at what they do. The 2K series should push forward with these kind of tracks though, more rap less rock. Maybe they could do it themselves next time though instead of Jay-Z. They are also very good at what they do.

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What I can't understand about this game is how buggy it is. Things like the lockpicking minigame just seemed half-baked and not really polished. I have played every AC game and this one is by far the least satisfying in my opinion. They changed what worked in the last three games and replaced it with meaningless sidequests/collectibles as well as a battle system that can be unusable at sometimes(especially the fist fighting sidequest, which I finally had to go look at a forum to figure out how to damage the enemy). Things just are not made clear. With how many people Ubisoft has working on this game, this kind of stuff should really be more polished. Somehow it is this game and not one of the AC 2 spinoffs that has soured me on this franchise. And I really did like the ending, just had to get that rant about the gameplay out of my system.