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What's up, I'm dudacles, I live in Belgium and I love gaming. I have a PS2, a PS3 and a 360, plus a mid-spec PC I never really use for gaming anymore. I've never been fanboy, really, but now that I've bought a PS3 to go alongside my 360, I have zero reason to favour one over the other. I've also taken to writing reviews as I complete games. I am not an aspiring review writer, as I actually intend to become a translator for Chinese, but I'd really appreciate it if you offered tips to improve my writing (in the rare case you actually read this useless little text).

Oh, and I'm:

  • Thedevil1 on gamefaqs/gamespot
  • dudacles on Phantombabies (DMC fansite)
  • Thedevil222 on IGN
  • dudacles on Neogaf
  • dudacles17 on XBL
  • Dudacles on the Playstation Network