PES2009 or FIFA 09?

I can't decide which of these games to pick up. Both would cost me the same amount of money, and both seem to have really fun gameplay. But picking up both would seem like serious overkill, so I need to choose one. Problem is, I can't. So I'd like you to do it for me. Please tell me which of these you prefer. I have played a lot of FIFA games, but the only experience I have with PES games is the PES2009 demo. Please help me out here.



So I just wrote up a pretty nice Dead Space review, if I do say so myself. It was all finished up, and I was editing in the screenshots with captions. However, just as I click on the last pic to caption it, Firefox randomly decides to crash. No biggie, I thought to myself, as I restored my previous session. I'd had this happen before, and I had the text copied incase something would go wrong. However, when I rightclick, I notice the fucking paste option is grayed out. Look, I know nobody cares about user reviews, and I'm just whining, but I spent quite a bit of time on that review trying to make it into something that has quality to it. And now I've lost it. Yet again, as the review editor this site has tends to fuck me over a lot. Anyway, I've lost my frustration now. But damn man.


Dead Space is awesome.

Yeah, I know, I know. You've all played Dead Space, and most of you probably loved it. I'm currently playing through it on Normal, and am loving it so much. The game doesn't really scare me at all, I didn't even so much as blink when the tentacle suddenly grabbed me, for instance, but it does keep me on my toes. I have little to say, but if you haven't played Dead Space, start doing it right now!


Is there a way to get all my reviews on my profile?

I've written around 20 reviews, but after the site redesign, some of them are no longer present. They are still present on the page of their respective games, but I'd like to be able to access them directly from my profile, as I wish to edit them and frankly, I've forgotten which reviews I've written. Is this something I should just wait for?


Awesome Video Game Modes, Moments or Aspects

I felt like writing a blog for the first time in like, forever. A lot of shit has happened in my life that had me hitting a tiny depression, but enough about that. What I want to talk about in this blog is awesome video game moments, aspects or modes.

Resident Evil 4 - The Village

I like Resident Evil 4, and am looking forward to Resident Evil 5. However, one gameplay sequence has always stuck out to me -- the village. Resident Evil 4 is not as focused on
One of my favorite moments in RE4
One of my favorite moments in RE4
pure atmosphere as its predecessors, but it has some awesome action sequences. The very best, to me is the village, and it's at the very start of the game. At this point, you don't really know much about what is going on there, which makes the whole sequence a bit more atmospheric. However, what I like most about it is the sheer volume of options available to you. You can run into houses and then shove shelves infront of the doors. You can climb up to roofs and then kick away ladders. You can attempt to take refuge in the tower, but the Ganados will soon set it aflame if you hang around too long (at this point, Leon shows off just how superhuman he is by jumping down 30 feet) and so on. However, the true turning point comes when you head into a certain house. El Salvador, the chainsaw-toting crazy man will show up and will likely show you one of the coolest death sequences in the game, the first few times you play the sequence even, if you suck at the game like me.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Terrorist Hunt

I love Instant Action modes. They allow you to skip bad storylines and just get straight into the action. No game does this better than Rainbow Six Vegas. R6V's gameplay is
This is one of my favorite maps
This is one of my favorite maps
fantastic, with an incredibly sleek cover system, great shooting mechanics and smart foes (although there are exceptions). Terrorist Hunt is hard, on Realistic at any rate, which is the only way to play the game. It's impossible to beat a map without teamwork, as you simply are not stronger than your opponents, and it's extremely tough to beat more than two at a time by yourself. But that is also what makes it so addicting. Me and a couple of friends could spend all night trying to beat a map on splitscreen -- with only two players at a time mind you. Strategy and communication are key here, and I credit Terrorist Hunt as being the only mode that makes camping in a room waiting for unsuspecting foes to run by exciting. You have a split second to respond if they do, because failure to shoot them inmediately tends to lead to death rather quickly against enemies on realistic. When you finally do outsmart 49 or so enemies though, the hunt for that last bugger begins. However, you still have to be careful, because hastily rounding a corner that the guy is standing behind makes him respond with a burst of fire faster than humans should be able to. However, this is also what makes Terrorist Hunt so damn satisfying. It highlights the game's strenghts, and makes for a fantastic coop mode.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - Klungo SSSaves teh World

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is an awesome game. However, the game actually contains a gem of a parody; Klungo SSSaves the World. Klungo has some talent as a programmer, but his game has some hilarious flaws that litterally had me laughing my ass off the first time I came across them, making me fail the stage due to my inability to keep playing.
I couldn't find a picture of the actual game quickly enough. Sue me
I couldn't find a picture of the actual game quickly enough. Sue me
Memorable moments include a point where you have to make a jump without knowing where the unstoppable Klungo actually is. Shortly afterwards, you seemingly have to make another jump, but it is not so. That part had me scratching my head for a while, but it turned out I didn't actually have to do anything at all! Simply letting Klungo walk off the edge made him land perfectly.  I slapped myself after that one. The instructions are also some of the best I've ever read. Buy BK: N&B and discover what should have been the game of the year 2009.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Free Mode

Grand Theft Auto IV is often dissed because of boring gameplay. It is true, San Andreas has more variety and more throwaway options like silly
Jumping off this building is always good fun. Too bad the camera cuts out nanoseconds after you hit the ground.
Jumping off this building is always good fun. Too bad the camera cuts out nanoseconds after you hit the ground.
minigames to mess around with than this more focused edition to the acclaimed series. However, I disagree. GTAIV has free mode, as well as tons of other completely badass multiplayer options that make sure that the game will never get boring to me. Like every multiplayer game, having a decently-sized group of friends to play with is essential. If you have that, Free Mode can supply you with some of the most random and insane fun you'll ever have. Trying to hit players as violently as possible with a car, or even better; a motorcycle never, ever gets old. There are a lot of FPSs on Xbox 360 and PS3 these days, but sniping a dude as he is attempting to take off with a helicopter feels better in GTAIV than it does in all these games combined. Also, I can spend like half an hour trying to land my chopper on one of the airplanes that cut through the Liberty City skyline, even though I'm pretty sure that it is impossible to do. I don't need to tell you to get this game, because everybody owns a copy of GTAIV, but I do suggest you play Free Mode with me. It's badass.

Crackdown - Coop

Few games have as awesome a coop as Crackdown
Few games have as awesome a coop as Crackdown
Yes, another sandbox game. What can I say, I'm in love with the genre. Anyway, Crackdown is something different. The Agents can swim faster than Phelps, jump higher than Tia Hellebaut and are almost as muscly as Arnie Swarzenegger in his Mistah Universe days. It's an awesome game that gets twice as awesome the moment you hit up a friend with an invite to play coop. Killing gang leaders is fun with two players, but I feel the fun only truly begins when you kill the other guy once. A counter comes up on the screen; one up for you. From that moment forth, a game of cat 'n mouse likely begins that has you and your buddy chasing each other around the map, from the deepest basement to the hightest skyscraper. It's truly epic. Oh, and launching yourself up into the air by your buddy, who is driving an Agency Supercar in the opposite direction is badass beyond words. Which is also why I can't seem to get that sentence to sound good at all.

Bottom line; all these games are awesome. I just picked out the parts that I felt were worthy of special mention. Feel free to agree, disagree and to put in your two cents on what are awesome gaming moments/modes/aspects of games, whatever. I'll put up a second part with more awesome modes in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading.

My revised gaming goals and random thoughts

I've been thinking a lot about all kinds of stuff lately, and so I feel my mind is a bit cluttered. Therefore, I'm now going to type out my thoughts related on gaming so I can at least have those leave my brain.

First off: a complete list of goals I have - subconsciously or consciously - set myself.

  • Complete the following games: Shinobi, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, Condemned, Killer7, FFXII and Viewtiful Joe. This list will grow (and hopefully shrink too) as I purchase and beat games. I have a list dedicated to this quest of making my backlog drop down to 0, but I doubt I'll ever accomplish that feat.
  • Play through Fable II like an evil character. I'm a bit of an achievement whore, and I assumed you would need to beat the game as both an evil and good character. Because I believe being evil is more fun, because it's a contrast to my angelic real-life self, I played through the game as a good dude first. Thing is, I can't seem to muster up the motivation to play through the game again. I have a real-estate empire on my old game, and I honestly don't feel like having to build all that up again.
  • Play through games I have the complete franchise of, or at least part of it. I'm currently working on the Halo franchise, and although I'm only up to Combat Evolved, I'll play through Halo 2 and Halo 3 shortly after. Other series include Devil May Cry, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and Metal Gear Solid, although I don't have a PS3 for MGS4 and I haven't been able to track down a copy of the first MGS yet.
  • Beat Ninja Gaiden II on Mentor
  • Attempt not to let my compulsiveness get control of me and do my best to enjoy my gaming time instead of worrying about not meeting any of the above goals.
  • Get myself to play more singleplayer races on Burnout Paradise in order to unlock more cars and have more fun in multiplayer with them. I've only unlocked 22 rides so far, but somehow, I just didn't feel like continuing after getting my A-licence.

Other than that; some random thoughts I feel like writing up:

I feel like announcing that my games of the year are Burnout Paradise and GTAIV. I have not had the time to play alot of it due to various reasons, not the least of which are various other games to play and private family matters, like the death of my grandparents, the depression of my mother and the depression of my girlfriend, whom I have spent long nights
talking with about it. Anyway, Burnout Paradise is fantastic, specifically in the multiplayer. I can have so much fun just popping in the game and going around with other people just doing whatever we want. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that I didn't really have all that much fun doing the singleplayer races, yet those are required for new cars. The same goes for GTAIV. I listened to the GB "game of the year" podcast, and it was great. They voted GTAIV game of the year because of its great story, but I feel differently. While it did have a good story, I feel free mode is the best part of that whole package, although the rest is pretty fantastic too. But I could easily spend hours hitting other players as hard as possible with a motorcycle as I'm barreling towards them through an empty street. Oh, the rush that gives me. So, this is probably the first time I've ever given my "game of the year"-opinion, but 2008 has been such a fantastic year for us, it was impossible to resist. I also wish to give a shout out to R6V2, as TH is one of best co-op experiences known to man, even beating out Gears' Horde mode, which has done its very best to take over that place on the pedestal.

I also wish to inform you that I've taken to writing reviews of games as I beat them. I used to write reviews that were absolutely useless, and maybe that is still so, but I now strive to write reviews that are at least worthwhile to read. Therefore, I would really appreciate it if you read these reviews and offered me tips to improve them. I know I asked this before in a previous blog not too long ago, and I wish to thank the people that responded back then. Still, my writing is still far from, y'know, good, so I would love you in a very manly way if you were to help me out.

My final point is that I just played the demo of LOTR: Conquest on XBL, as it has been put up today, and I'm disappointed. I loved the first Battlefront, and I love LOTR, so it seemed like I couldn't go wrong with this game. However, the combat is plain boring, the dude keeps yapping on about how your attacks are "awesome to behold" and they haven't managed to capture the epic of feel of the LOTR movie battles at all, so I feel. I was also unable to get online, which is a shame, because maybe that would've changed my opinion of the online was great.

Oh, and one more thing; please forgive me if I have made some weird grammatical mistakes. I've only been following English classes for a year now, being only 14 years old, and because of that my English is far from perfect.

Thanks for reading, if you took the time to do so. :p

I just realised I'm very compulsive when it comes to gaming

So I was doing some meditating on my gaming habits, and I realised I'm obsessed about it. I have alot of games (at least, at 14 years old I have a lot of them) but no matter how many I have, I always have my sights set on new purchases. I'll show you my wishlist. I only have a 360 and PS2 at this point.

I have a 60 game wishlist, and all the while, I still have a backlog of six games on PS2 I still have to complete. I'm currently working on Manhunt. Which brings me to another point; my extreme compulsiveness when it comes to gaming. I'm a very laid-back person, I don't worry about anything. Except for stuff involving gaming. Many gamers have a backlog of games they haven't finished, simply because they don't feel like it. I don't feel like playing Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams either, because frankly, I just don't think it's all that great of a game. However, as long as that game goes unfinished, I will feel uneasy about it. When I play a game simply because I feel like it, I always have a thought in the back of my brain telling me: "What are you doing? You should finish Dawn of Dreams!" It's not that I actually listen to the voice, but eventually, it'll lead me to finish Dawn of Dreams, despite the fact that the 7 levels I still have left won't be an enjoyable experience.

However, my compulsiveness isn't just limited to which games I have yet to complete. For example: I'm not a very tidy person, but my room, where my 360, PS2 and SDTV sit is extremely tidy simply because my gaming stuff is there. My games are neatly lined up in shelf under my TV, cables are dustfree and neatly taped or pinned to walls. If one were to look at my room, that person would say I'm extremely tidy and clean. He'd also notice I have a ton of games and material involving gaming, although I'd never buy gaming action figures or stupid collector's items, that's too much for me.

That brings me to my final point: money. I only spend money on two thing: gaming and going out with friends or my girlfriend (who, thankfully, doesn't think that being obsessed with games is a bad quality, she even played Fifa with me once). I receive money for stuff like clothes from my parents, so that kind of trivial stuff isn't an issue. Still, even I stand amazed sometimes when one of my friends buys Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour with all their instruments in one go. Then again, his parents have money like water.

So, how about you? Are you obsessed with games like me? Do you spend alot of money on it. Since this is a gaming wiki site, I'd expect plenty of people here like me, so share your experiences when it comes to gaming geekness.


So I wrote some reviews.

I've written three reviews with pictures, GoWII, Burnout Paradise and Banjo Kazooie. Please read them and then provide me with pointers to improve my future reviews. I need some help, because I quite realize these reviews suck lol.

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