So, do I want to get all five Fallout 3 DLC packs on March 22nd?

  So I've been toying with this Fallout 3 DLC content in my mind for the past few days now, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. The content will be cut in price during the week of March 22nd ( as was announced by Major Nelson), which means that if I'm ever going to buy DLC for Fallout 3, I should do it during that week.

Thing is, the five packs amount to a total of 2000 MSP. A single points card would cover that amount, so that's not the problem... but I find myself torn between thinking that while I enjoyed Fallout 3, I didn't enjoy it enough to warrant spending an additional 25 euros on what could be considered one big expansion.

On the other hand, I could settle for buying one or two packs, but then I might find myself falling in love with Fallout 3 again and hitting myself over the head with my controller, because I didn't get the other DLC packs at a strongly reduced price when I had the chance to.

The final possibility is to simply forget Fallout 3 ever entered my life, and play the game without any add-ons. This would free up money for other matters, at least.

These three possibilities keep taking over in my head, leaving me utterly confused as to what I actually want. I tried starting a new game of Fallout 3 today, but the start of that game is boring as hell, and made me want to stop playing and never buy anything relating to it again, including Fallout: New Vegas. Argh!

Anyone have any suggestions? Also, Castle Crashers. Is that game good? The demo felt kind of plain too me, but then again, don't they all, aside from Just Cause 2?

Fuck, I wish I had a real job. I always cause my braincells to die prematurely when I start pondering whether to just fucking buy a game or save the money.