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Though its creepiness is lacking, F.E.A.R. is still superb 0

F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon—which is one of the worst meanings Monolith could've come up with for that acronym—is a shooter that, inspired by Japanese movies like The Ring, incorporates horror elements into its gameplay. Random pools of blood are everywhereF.E.A.R. boasts quite an intriguing storyline, involving a ruthless man called Paxton Fettel and a mysterious girl with the same greasy hair as the one we saw in The Ring movies. You take on the role of a nameless protagonist th...

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JRPG fan or not, you owe it to yourself to play Persona 4 1

Let me start by saying that usually, I'm not too big on JRPGs. Their characters are just too over-the-top, too ridiculous for me to enjoy playing as. Moreover, the grindy gameplay the genre generally offers also makes me turn up my nose. Both of these things, however, did not make me love Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 any less. You will meet plenty of memorable characters along the wayThis Persona's main draw is its story, as most would expect from a role-playing game. It does not, however, ...

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Flaws are to be overlooked in order to enjoy Prince of Persia 7

With Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jordan Mechner's highly successful and revolutionary game series was reborn, and people liked it. Even if the stylistic changes in the sequel were not appreciated by everyone, the Sands of Time trilogy was still a resounding success. With this new Prince of Persia, the series receives its second reboot in a very short period of time, which is signified by its lack of a subtitle. The game has one big thing in common with its predecessors: the focus on ext...

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A great campaign and fantastic multiplayer make GRAW2 a winner 6

Last year, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) was one of the first true “must-haves” on the XBOX 360. It featured unbelievable graphics, a fantastic campaign and a highly popular multiplayer mode. Now, only a year later, Ubisoft has done it again. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) sticks very closely to the original GRAW's formula, and as such it doesn't reinvent the franchise. But if the original game left you wanting more, GRAW2 provides just that. It's been three days since Me...

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a highly entertaining romp 1

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is another title to add to Star Wars' impressive game library. However, when working with such a big franchise name, developers tend to prefer getting their title out quickly instead of making sure it's a quality game. As a result, the Star Wars videogame library consists of a lot of terrible games with the occasional excellent one to shake things up. Obviously, the next question is whether or not The Force Unleashed belongs to this small group of excellent games. ...

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Mirror's Edge has great platforming, but other elements fall flat 6

DICE is primarily known for its popular Battlefield series. Because of that, it's surprising they are behind Mirror's Edge. This game isn't focused on gunplay at all. In fact, the game encourages you to avoid combat situations at all times, and the act of shooting a gun isn't satisfying either, which is weird, since the guns definitely packed a punch in the Battlefield games. Instead of being a shooter, Mirror's Edge is based on Parkour, the sport that sees athletes moving from point A to point ...

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Dead Space is an unforgettable ride from start to finish. 0

These days, EA is known as the company that does nothing but put out annual rehashes of its profitable franchises, such as Madden and Fifa. However, Electronic Arts has decided it wants to get rid of that image, and the way it wants to do so is to put out a number of new IPs. Dead Space is one of those new games that will likely turn into franchises, and it hits home. It's a sci-fi horror game that reaches unbelieveable heights. The Ishimura's crew has seen better daysDead Space puts you in cont...

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Resident Evil 5 isn't perfect, but it's an enjoyable experience 0

Resident Evil is one of those long-standing franchises Capcom possesses that make fans go absolutely mad with excitement and nostalgia. However, with Resident Evil 4, Capcom drastically flipped the wheel on the franchise, with gameplay that was very unsimilar to its predecessors. The game was hated by some, but became a huge succes overall. As such, it comes as no surprise that Resident Evil 5 is an exact copy of the fourth iteration in the franchise in many ways. It does change up a couple of t...

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Endwar is a great addition to the Clancy universe 1

Tom Clancy's Endwar is a new IP in the Tom Clancy universe. While the other Tom Clancy titles tend to focus on an elite squad or soldier in the US military, like Ghost Squad or Sam Fisher, Endwar does just the opposite. This game is a real-time strategy game, though it's doesn't really resemble the RTS games you'll have probably played before on the PC. Despite a small unit cap, the battles can really heat up at timesThe single biggest difference between all those PC RTSs and Endwar, is that En...

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Fallout 3 is flawed fun 0

Fallout 3 is a big, big game. And when a game has such a quantity of content, glitches, both tiny and big, are pretty much unavoidable.  Therefore, this new Fallout, that really doesn't have a whole lot in common with the previous ones aside from the theme, is riddled with glitches. However, if you are willing to look past those mistakes, you'll find a deep and expansive game, that has plenty of great moments and lots of things to see and find.It's a wastelandFallout 3 is set in the post-apocaly...

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Rarely has a game had such great explosive action 0

As you're playing through Battlefield: Bad Company, you'll see a lot of stuff blowing up. The game is also pretty damn funny at times, has a very cinematic singleplayer and an addicting multiplayer mode. Read on to find out why this game should belong in any FPS-fan's collection.Sweetwater and Haggard (left and center, respectively) make for some great comic reliefBad Company is similar to Battlefield: Modern Combat, but the developers decided to change up the singleplayer formula a bit this tim...

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Bully: Scholarship Edition is an enjoyable high school experience 0

Bully: Scholarship Edition is Rockstar's take on high school life. It's inmediately evident that Bully was made by the same guys as those that made GTA. Everything, from the load screens to the hilarious dialogue are feels very similar to Rockstar's controversial series. The game stars fifteen-year old Jimmy Hopkins, who gets transferred to Bullworth Academy by his dreadful mother, as she needs to get rid of him before leaving on her fifth or so honeymoon. Bully is similar to GTA, but it is obvi...

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An enjoyable and tense experience, but not without flaws 0

Condemned: Criminal Origins is horror, pure and simple. You play as an FBI agent called Ethan Thomas, and he's got problems, big problems. There is an intriguing story here, but it doesn't quite get enough attention to make it game's main selling point. The game is not quality throughout. The first level of the game is one of the scariest video game experiences I've ever had, with the expert use of lightning and enemy behavior that will make your heart thump out of your chest. However, the rest ...

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Gore aplenty, but it doesn't keep Manhunt from becoming stale 0

Manhunt is probably one of the goriest games you'll ever play. Gamers these days look upon many a violent act, and with the improving graphics that the new generation of consoles have brought us, that violence is getting more and more graphic and realistic. Still, few games are as focused as Manhunt is. This game is entirely about slaughtering your opponents. The moment you start up the game, you are instructed to mess up an endless stream of guards and lunatics whose only desire is to do the sa...

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All the glitches in Fable II don't stop it from being really fun 0

Fable II is an RPG from Lionhead. The Fable franchise is quite known for being one of the few RPGs on Xbox, although that has changed on the Xbox 360. Another reason for its fame is its creator, Peter Molyneux. Molyneux promised alot when he was making the first Fable, but many felt he failed to deliver in the end. However, I feel that the new Fable is right on the money.Molyneux claimed to have made one of the best video game stories of all time, but that is hardly true. The story isAlbion seem...

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Fifa Street 3 is shallow, but fun 0

Fifa Street 3 is the newest edition in EA BIG's street version of the vastly popular sport that we all know and love as football. Or soccer if you will. Fifa Street 3 is actually quite a significant departure from the previous two entries in the series, both in graphical style and gameplay-wise. Whether that is actually is a good thing is entirely personal opinion, but I will say that Fifa Street 3 does play a bit more fluidly than its predecessors.The gameplay in Fifa Street 3 isn't quite like ...

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An enjoyable brawler that really captures the feel of the film 0

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is directly based on the Peter Jackson's movie of the same name, just like the game The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was based on the first two movies of the trilogy. You'd expect EA to quickly slap together a game in order to cash in on the franchise's enormous succes, but The Return of the King is in fact quite a good game.The Two Towers was narrated by Aragorn, but The Return of the King is narrated by Gandalf. The game features ample footage...

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Little more than an interactive add 0

Dash of Destruction is a free game on Xbox Live Marketplace that serves as an advertisement for Doritos, the tasty brand of chips.Dash of Destruction is the result of a contest organised by Doritos. The goal was to think up a creative game that had Doritos as it's central theme. A guy named Mike Borland won the contest, and he got to have his game made with NinjaBee. The end result is Dash of Destruction. The buildings are fully destructable Surprisingly, Dash of Destruction is actually pr...

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An amusing and occasionally hilarious adventure 0

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is the sequel to Banjo Tooie. However, while the previous installments in the franchise were platforming games in every sense of the word, this new Banjo Kazooie focuses on creating custom vehicles and then using them in various challenges peppered throughout the game worlds.Let your creativity run wild in the expansive vehicle builder The game starts out with Banjo and a chicken called Kazooie that lives in his backpack enjoying life. They are lazy and fat, but i...

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Bigger, better and more badass does not do this game justice 0

Gears of War 2 is the follow-up to one of the most popular Xbox 360 games on the market. Indeed, the original Gears of War was a hit, with a multiplayer that was almost as popular as the likes of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Epic has now delivered the second installment in what will undoubtedly become a longlasting franchise, -- even already with movie plans and whatnot -- and for the most part, it delivers.Gears of War 2 can be broken up into three modes. Campaign and competitive multiplayer obvi...

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A departure from the previous Burnout that pays off in the end 0

Burnout Paradise is completely different from its predecessor, Burnout Revenge. At least, that's what it feels like when you first start playing. You need to stick with it for a while before all the pieces start falling into place. So let's talk about what's different. Burnout Revenge was an arcade racer that simply had you completing event after event, be they Road Rages, where you take out as many target cars as you can, or crashbreaker races, a race where you blow yourself up in the case of a...

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It's ridiculously fun 0

It's impossible to avoid comparing Saints Row to GTA. The first Saints Row was viewed as a momentary fix for those craving GTA-esque gameplay on the next generation of consoles, and thus was infinitely compared to GTA. Well, the first Saints Row didn't really benefit from these comparisons, because while Saints Row was a valiant attempt at recreating GTA, Grand Theft Auto was still viewed as the better franchise. Volition is now trying to counter that by giving Saints Row 2 a personality of its ...

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It'll get the adrenaline pumpin' 0

Burnout Revenge is a racing game that takes the concept of arcade racing just about as far as it can be taken. While sim racers like Forza 2 and Gran Turismo dedicate themselves to simulating racing, Burnout simply aims to offer speed thrills. Driving the wrong way at 200 miles per hour really gets your heart pumping.The races in Burnout Revenge are downright epicBurnout has a sense of speed few other games can offer. The game has alot of highperformance vehicles, though none of them are licence...

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Forza Motorsport 2's most addicting aspect is collecting the cars 0

Forza Motorsport is a sim racer for the Xbox 360. I haven't really dug deep into the racing game genre, having only played Need for Speed Most Wanted and Burnout Revenge up until this point, but I can definitely see that Forza 2 has some real quality. The racing engine is tight, but the most addicting aspect to this game is building up a collection of cars, and painting them. RacingThis game is sim racing at it's very best, with only games like Gran Turismo rivalling it. The racing engine is hig...

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A challenging, but very fun game. 0

God Hand is the final game from Clover Studio. It's a fun beat-em-up that doesn't take itself seriously at all and has a lot of depth under the hood. It's got some nice length to it, it took me slightly under 11 hours to complete the game on normal the first time through.You have a motherload of damaging moves at your disposalGod Hand features a fantastic combat system that's completely customizable through the main menu. A dynamic difficulty setting also makes it one of the most challenging gam...

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Apparently playing a toy miniguitar with no strings is awesome. 0

GHII is the followup to the vastly popular Guitar Hero. I haven't played the original yet, but I did play GHIII before GHII. II and III are very comparable, but III has a tiny edge for me; I like the song selection on GHIII better. At least, An awesome visual style is presentthere are more songs I really like on GHIII, but GHIII has some truly awful choises as well, whereas GHII has no absolutely terrible songs. Ofcourse this is just a matter of music taste, if you find yourself wondering which ...

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A very good shooter with fantastic production values. 0

The Darkness is a FPS from Starbreeze, the developers of Chronicles of Riddick. In the game you play as Jackie Estacado. On the night of his twenty-first birthday, Jackie finds out he's being possesed by a demon called The Darkness. Manifesting as two demon snakes sprouting out of his shoulders, The Darkness helps Jackie out in taking revenge on his Uncle Paulie, who has wronged Jackie, and at the same time attempts to manipulate him. And you eat hearts from fallen enemies in this game. It's awe...

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Fifa has finally caught up with PES 0

Fifa 07 for X360 was supposed to revolutionize the franchise with an all new ball physics system. However, the EA focused too much on creating this new physics system, and forgot about the other components to the game, such as tricks and a decent passing system. Even Fifa's main selling point compared to PES; lots of liscenses of players and teams, was forgotten as the game only featured 5 leagues. However, Fifa 08 is looking to fix all those complaints.Fifa 08 plays a great game of football on ...

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