continues to be bonkers

So periodically I check in on (you might remember them as the folks who "borrowed" the old design of the site pre-CBSi, and then proceeded to "borrow" Steve "Fobwashed" Kim's t-shirt design that made fun of the whole thing in the first place) to see what sort of mania they're up to. Somehow they're still in business (there's a big fat World of Tanks banner ad on the front page on my end, so they must be getting decent traffic), and they have about 2000 videos on their YouTube channel (mostly trailers), .

What caught my eye this time was that under their "Games" page they have a list of upcoming releases.

You don't really need to know Russian to understand what's posted there, but the following few things stood out:

- Half Life 3 will be released in 2024.

- 2018 will see the release of GTA VI (their wiki entry cites anonymous sources), Star Wars 1313 (which will apparently use the third version of Unreal engine, and not UE 4), along with Stalker 2, and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

- 2017 will see Shadows of Mordor 2, Shenmue 3, Last of Us 2, and something called "The Surge" by Deck 13.

Weirdly enough, "The Surge" is actually a thing. Deck 13 are the lot who you might remember who did Lords of the Fallen. It supposedly got mentioned at Gamescom in the summer.

The Surge is set some 60 to 70 years in the future, when the technology that humanity has come to depend upon has turned against it. Süß showed a single piece of concept art (above) of the post-devastation world in which The Surge takes place, where enhanced humans and inhuman creatures live among the ruins of a technologically gifted society.

Players will assume control of a survivor in that world, an ordinary man who wears a powerful, industrial-grade exoskeleton. It's not express built with military combat in mind, but that's where the game's crafting system and modular upgrades will come in, Süß said. Those systems will tie into The Surge's combat, which will allow players to target specific limbs of tech-enhanced enemies, lop them off and harvest their technology.

So it's cyperpunk-dystopic dark souls? Could be neat

Anyway, much like other sites, Gamebomb's equivalent off topic forum post count eclipses everything else (more than double their general discussion). The current pinned thread - and fastest way to get your ass banned - is "Пойдет ли GTA V" ("Will GTA V run?"). Apparently, much like Rorie has mentioned on here frequently, a lot of folk come onto the Gamebomb board asking for basic tech advice and posting their hardware set up so much that you will be insta-banned if you don't use the pinned thread.

Erm... that's it. I've had enough Gamebomb for this quarter.