I have posted over 5000 times...

...and this was my 5000th

stay classy
stay classy

Foolish, I know. I could have easily made this very blog post the 5000th, but that's, like, so 2009 (or whenever GB introduced the blog feature). And seriously? Five thousand? Bear in mind that doesn't take into account the number of times I've replied in PMs, meaning the true number is probably way higher than I'd care to admit.

Maybe 5000 isn't so bad over the course of two years. In that initial six month period boy did I lurk on the forums. I read all of your posts (not the blogs, mind, those things are so boring and self-righteous as shit). Tabs on firefox changed my life as I'd cycle through threads, hitting F5 and shift-clicking the shit out of the 10 newest topics on the main page, slowly but surely getting a glimpse of the bigger picture of the GB community. You know all those profile views you were getting? That was me, trawling through your earlier posts for nuggets of Internet gold.

And you what I saw? Of course you don't, which is why I'm going to tell you. You guys (and girls), really aren't all that bad. Sure some of you might over-react when some particular standout user periodically derails threads with wild remarks - and claim this place is worse than 4chan - but then a few months later you bemoan their absence once the mods finally ban his or her ass. You both hate the trolling yet feed off the flamebait at the same time. But don't worry, because another troll will always appear and that cycle will continue. Sometimes they start off on the wrong foot, but then the rest of the community sees the funny side and embraces their particular brand of internet goofery. Oftentimes they really are just plain dicks and no amount of @replies will ever change that.

That said, there is a decent sense of community here. Without pointing to any concrete examples - not that I would be allowed to - GB's forum goers are in general fairly good at self-policing. For instance:

- You're grsap, of grammer..punctiation & sytnax is definitely above average;

- A lot of you tend to get pissed when someone formats their posts in the most obnoxious way possible; and

- extremist remarks usually get shot down pretty quickly (although such discussions often devolve into name-calling or whatever, but the important thing is that the majority rails against such behavior, rather than foster it) i.e. overall you're not some crowd of far-rightwing illiterate skinheads

As a more general observation, almost everything outside of Off Topic & General Discussion is, like, super great. I was welcomed with open arms in the SSFIV forums and gleefully got my ass handed to me many times in private lobbies with fellow GBers. Advice, tactics, suggestions etc. all come through in a torrent if you ask for it. The number of How To... or stickied Guide threads on the sub forums is testament to this.

It's been a journey, folks, and one I hope doesn't end any time soon. Also, I'm still unconvinced that Brad isn't some sort of goddamned super troll; the whole "sucking at games" thing is a ruse, he probably gets some sort of sick gratification from the forum outrage. Anyway, here's to 5000 more.

TL;DR? You guys are pretty okay. Keep it up.