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The Odd One Out 0

  Lunar Knights is a continuation of the Boktai series of games that appeared on the GameBoy Advance, but were likely never heard of outside . At the core the story surrounding the Boktai universe sort of involves an ongoing war between vampires and humanity, and in Lunar Knights the world is totally controlled and permanently shrouded in darkness by the fanged ones. Thus enters the solitary Lucian, a dark and mysterious figure, who wouldn't seem out of place with the vampires, but instead he ...

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Ultraviolence 0

  Even as a hardened veteran of the excellent Devil May Cry and the not-so brilliant Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is shockingly difficult from the get-go. It's not often that the first level of a video game does its very best to smash you into the dirt, and Devil May Cry 3 is no exception. From the start we are straight into it, no beating around the bush. Scythe wielding baddies slash at you from nearly every possible angle with very little breathing space. The ultra-coo...

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