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Unfortunately, the Third Time Wasn't the Charm 0

I know that I'm a little late to the Killzone 3 party,but this was just one of those weird games that just totally compelled me to write a review--even though it's been out already for two months.  Please note that this is a single-player campaign review only (I played two matches of multiplayer, didn't care for it, and turned it off).   Let me start off by saying that I wanted to like this game. Like, really, really wanted to. Long heralded as the flagship of PS3-exclusive shooters, the Killzon...

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2K Marin Chose The Impossible...And Succeeded 0

  A note to begin the review: If you have not yet played the first Bioshock, do yourself an huge favor by completing that before playing this game. It's a great game that's really worth every bit of praise it receives. Short review summary: A more simple and poignant comparison of the atmospheres of both games: in the first game, you timidly held a wrench. In this game, you have a GODDAMN DRILL FOR A HAND. When 2K Games announced its plans to start a franchise based off the success of the fi...

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The Caped Crusader Punches His Way Into Our Hearts 0

Rocksteady Studios had to overcome a lot of public doubts with Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Batman franchise has suffered numerous releases of sub-par games that have really marred the Caped Crusader's reputation with gamers. Given the fact that comic book games have a notorious reputation for being either hit-or-miss, it was difficult for a lot of people (including me!) to accept the fact that an original Batman IP could ever be any good. Fortunately, we were all proven wrong. Arkham Asylum open...

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inFAMOUS: Fun, Challenging, and Frustrating 0

inFAMOUS had a lot of the makings of a great superhero video game going for me. Previous to Batman: Arkham Asylum, I would have easily said that my favorite superhero game of all time was Spider-Man 2 on the original Xbox. That was the first game for me in which it truly captured the wall-crawler's skills and abilities, dropped you into a big, open world, and translated it into a fun video game. inFAMOUS is very similar to the Spider-Man games in the sense that you're dropped into an open world ...

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