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Exclusive HD Red Alert 3 Beta Videos

My first video. I recommend downloading this as the stream sucks.;11368127;/fileinfo.html

My second video. Again, don't watch the stream it is horrible, download the file it is worth it.;11375836;/fileinfo.html

My third video, best game I captured on video and so it is the highest quality possible.;11387029;/fileinfo.html

I recommend using the free VLC Media Player to play all videos.

I will edit this post with more videos as I make them.


I can't get Red Alert 3 out of my mind.

Knowing that people have been playing the Red Alert 3 beta for 6 days now and checking my email every 60 minutes has made me restless lately. I have officially become a stalker to several people I know who where lucky enough to be accepted into the beta. I have seen 6 full games of the Beta and already know every unit & structure in the game, every exploit & bug in the game, the location of every ore deposit and oil derrick on the two maps, many strategies people have used to win, and have even played a imaginary game in my mind remembering the hot keys for each building and unit to increase my speed so I can focus on the micro. If your also interested in the beta I recommend checking the Red Alert 3 image section as I have uploaded 1,400 points of screenshots to it and I continue to upload more every day. Giant Bomb really needs user videos, as I would have uploaded every known Red Alert 3 video to the site by now in their highest resolution if I was able to.

I am obsessed, please someone get EA to accept more Kane's Wrath players into the beta before I go crazy. EA has sent me emails saying I have been entered into the beta, but I not accepted, and another email saying the beta has started, play now, and again I wasn't accepted. It's like they are rubbing it in my face that other people are enjoying the game because they somehow got Kane's Wrath the day before the official release date and registered the second the registration opened. Please EA increase the Beta size quicker, I'm in agony right now suffering from a extreme case of jealousy.


HELP! Broke The Command & Conquer Saga page, need a admin to fix.

Bug Report Link

I was copying my work on other pages to the Command & Conquer Saga page, the last one being Red Alert 1, when the edit button broke and I can no longer edit the page without screwing the entire thing up. I need my last edit to the page that added the Red Alert 1 information to be removed due to the fact that it messed up the editing system and you can no longer edit it without messing up the whole article.

I have the Red Alert 1 information saved so just remove my last edit and I will fix it, hopefully this time without screwing up the ability to edit again.

Please no one save a edit to the page intill this is fixed other then looking at the edit program so that the page is not lost.

Getting ready for Red Alert 3 by playing Red Alert 1&2.

I decided to play Red Alert 1 & 2 while waiting for the Red Alert 3 beta. What does this mean for Giant Bomb? It means tons of quality exclusive screenshots from start to finish of each game.

Red Alert 1 & Expansions: 100%
NOTE: It was impossible for me to take screenshots of RA 1 & expansions. They all come out distorted due to how old the game is.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: 100%
Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge: 100%


The points just keep coming in!

I have not listed anything since I hit 950 points, so everything my feed says I have "Just added" is actually stuff I submitted on the first days that Giant Bomb went live and are just now getting approved.