A New Year in Gaming 2 - God of War Collection: Part 1

Why, again, do I like this game?
It makes me swear, excessively. I almost tore my Dualshock 3 controller in half. No game makes me even half as frustrated as this one.
Yet this is the third time I've played through it. (Well, 2 and half times before) And once again, I find myself wondering that very same question. The platforming is atrocious and not fun most times.(I'm looking at you saw blades in Pandora's Temple.) Why is it that enemies can break my combo at anytime, yet there is no way to stop a minotaur smashing its hammer into my face? It all drives me bonkers.
But then there are the moments where I smash the cyclop's face into the ground. Rip a dude in half. Drive a huge log through the chest of the big Minotaur... and it all seems so worth it. I guess I've been a sucker for Greek mythology for years. I watched the old Hercules cartoon. I watched the adventures of Kevin Sorbocules. So maybe I'm biased to the subject matter. Also, the badass moments are SO badass that maybe in the end, it all pays off. 
Whichever the case, this is the second game I've finished in 2010, and for this new year I've decided to blog about every game I do finish. Largely to keep a record of what I do finish up, and also to have something new to try creatively. So here's to hoping that I can actually keep something like this going on for 1 year. This will also get a new name shortly. "A New Year in Gaming" isn't gonna cut it come September. Gonna try some new things while I flesh out a blog format for this thing. It'll be fun.
"Hell Yeah" Moment: Showing up to the Minotaur boss battle with only an inch of life and smacking him senseless.
Puzzling Achievement: Getting the trophy for climbing the Pillar of Hades without taking damage. Apparently, this really means "climb up the damn thing" cause the only way you'll make it to the top is by not taking any damage. 
Closing comments: I almost started up again. I got 75% of the trophies. I might be able to platinum this one. To tell the truth, I'm still considering it as I type this. I'll keep you informed.
Till next time...