"F" That Game - Assassin's Creed II

So as January draws to a close, I complete my third game of the year. I've also come up with a name for this blog that I'm doing now. "F" That Game. The "F" stands for "finish". It's also a play on this blog I used to do with my roommate called Efing Media. If we ever resume it, I'll be migrating this back over to there.
I freakin loved this game. Every last damn bit of it. If only I had played this before Chistmas. It would've drastically altered my top 10 games. Now I'm just taking a break until Bonfire of the Vanities, and then I'll pop back in to give the DLC it's last hurrah. 
I enjoyed this game so much more than Uncharted 2. I find the general overarcing storyline of this series to be more epic. Uncharted is a good ol'time romp through the jungle, but Assassin's Creed is painting a much, much bigger picture. It sucks having to wait a couple of years to see how this all pans out. It's like being addicted to a really good book or comic series.  Unable to wait for the next one, but forcing myself to do so because the payoff with be oh-so-sweet. 
I never played the first game, but I got all the setup I needed with that kickass intro, and a damn fine late title card to boot. Now I'm fully sucked into the world of Desmond Miles and Abstergo and shanking people in the face.
Shanking people.... in the face.
Those poor guards, taking up jobs just to feed their family. It wasn't until I got a cape that allowed me to remain incognito did I realize I was potentially just killing regular, working people. I mean, yes, it was me or them, but that doesn't change the slight moral dilemma I faced as I left Florence for greener pastures, flooded greener pastures.
The game was, by no means, perfect. It had some cons, but it was the pros which elevated this to status in which I now hold this game. If I cared about points, It earned a 7/5, but then gets knocked back a couple of points for all the times I was a fraction off the angle of my jump and Ezio went into a completely opposite direction.
The presentation of the secondary stuff was also perfect. So far, only this game and Arkham Asylum have handled the collect-athons in such a way that I feel compelled to seek out every nook and cranny, all the while saying nuts to the main story.  It was fun just mopping up all the treasure chests before sinking my teeth into the next area.
The story, itself, was awesome, captivating and brilliantly executed. Something worthy of any other fiction I've ever read or watched. The ending made my jaw hit the floor. It worked out even better because I managed to find all the glyph's before finishing the game. So my mind was already exploring certain territory, and when it all came together, that was where the game went from being great... to being flippin AWESOME.
So now the stage is set. The final act is on its way. Who will we get to plunge out wrist blades into next?