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Duecenage: Best of 2009

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  • I'm so addicted to the game. I'm away from my Xbox for a week and just wanting, more and more, to get back to it!

  • Damn near beat it in one sitting. Addictive seamless gamplay and storytelling!

  • I was shocked at how much I ended up enjoying this. The demo did nothing for me, but i kept hearing about the story, and that delivered in a big way.

  • I love Silent Hill, I also love it when people take a synopsis and develop things in a different direction. This game was win-win from the get go for me. And it turned out to be more win than I anticipated. The changed bothered me not, because I still have my good ol' PSX copy if need be. Turns out, I love both versions of Silent Hill.

  • I was anticipating this game for over a year, and it totally delivered. I just wish Bill Murray delivered his lines as well as every other aspect of this game, but hey it was still Ghostbusters and it was still AWESOME!

  • Leon Shit-kicking Kennedy(The "S" stands for "sexy face") Is back, as is Raccoon City. I loved seeing one of the most beloved games in the series brought forth into a newer generation. Seeing high-rez models of the gunstore owner and tank-top girl zombie and still recognize them as their crappy PSX versions was a highlight for me in a series of highlights!

  • Rock Band was slowly petering out for me. After this game it started to come back. An awesome companion piece. This isn't so much a Rock Band game. This is a Beatles Compilation that you get to bang plastic drums and strum plastic guitars to. The bonus unlockable content makes this game worth it, alone!

  • This was the fighting I was waiting for since Ergheiz was announced. This was the fighting game I continued to wait for AFTER Ergheiz came out. Guess what, it came out and it was sooo fun! Just hearing the updated soundtracks flooded me with emotions flashing back to the games themselves. Anyone who is a Final Fantasy fan should have this game.

  • The game itself played great. The story, as a RE fan, was kind of an anticlimactic, let down. Was tons of fun to play with a buddy, offline and looking forward to, at least, one more playthrough of online with another. Plus, maybe, just maybe, the DLC will offer every bit of fanservice we should've gotten as a true finale

  • I had trouble coming up with 10 things, but I did play Lego Rockband plenty these last couple of months. I applaud the effort Traveller's Tales put into making this game. They gave it a great face to go with an already solid system. Plus rewatching the little cutscenes aftet you've changed all the little Lego men is pretty cool!