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Polish, Ginger, Me, Blonde
Polish, Ginger, Me, Blonde
Hello, I'm a student in the University of Limerick, studying in my 3rd year Second Semester in Multimedia and Computer Game Development. Over the summer I worked for an Indie Game Development Studio, Open Emotion Studios as a Software Engineer and a Game Designer. Together with 3 interns(with relative programming experience.), a sound engineer and an artist, we managed to make about 3 or 4 games. It was pretty good craic but loads of work, we programmed games using flash and XNA. A couple of the flash games went to  Addicting Games and Newgrounds. The one we programmed using XNA was for XBox Live Arcade but we're still waiting on  Microsoft's  review, and they've had it for ages.  I'm currently on Coop with Aol. I'm working as a Software Engineer where I Design and create code for a distributed system as part of a project called DPR Version 2 (ah yeaa). DPR is a system which calculates a revenue report from two Advertising data sources. It's not as good as making a video game, but it's great software development experience. Which is what I'll need if I want to end up making games for a Game Development Studio after my degree, which would be awesome. I'm thinking of trying to make a basic Graphics Engine from OpenGL as part of my Final Year Project next year, I thought it might be pretty cool to make the basic part of a game which makes it able to project a 3D image onto the 2D plane which is your screen, and then allowing for full 3D environments. It's going to be difficult though. 
Update 03/08/11:Here's the game I made last summer-> Mad Blocker Arcade 
I own an Xbox 360 (gamertage: Ze Mole Duffy) and a Steam Account (Ze_Mole_Duffy) And an unholy addiction to Shogun 2 : Total War.