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Lifelong gamer since the early days of the Atari 2600.  I've played games for just about every console that existed, and own/ed most of them as well.  I've got fond memories of the golden age of an arcade in every mall and sometimes more than one.  I read gaming mags and fanzines going back to the Activision newsletter, Electronic Games, the Nintendo Fun Club, the first issues of EGM, Gamepro, Nintendo Power and the many that have gone away like Gamefan, VG&CE, Tips & Tricks, etc...  Lurked many times on the old Compuserve and AOL BBS areas in the heated 3DO and Jaguar days. 

I've been to at least eight E3 shows, I saw Greg before I knew how cool he was, I met Adam Sessler and the rumors are true.  I found out Morgan Webb has been married for some time, and I played Starcraft Ghost - and liked it.
Joined Gamespot when the Dream Team was doing the video and audio shows at the time, quickly left when the proverbial S&$% hit the fan and followed the team that has now become this site.