Baby's First Steps: My First Platinum Trophy

It's about damn time!

I've always said my first Platinum would come from either God of War III or Just Cause 2. So obviously I got the Trophy from... inFamous?

I already played, enjoyed and finished the game a year ago. Sold it after that, because I didn't feel like going for a second playthrough. But I got the game again for free via the Welcome Back package and started to play it again. It was still as fun as it was a year ago. So before I knew it, this little thing popped up:

Feels good man. I like Achievements more than Trophies, but the concept of a Platinum Trophy is genius. A great finishing touch. On the 360 you 'just' get your final achievement and nothing else happens. Here you get a shiny Plat. Makes it feel more special.

I took my camera and filmed the moment supreme: