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In Conquest's Retelling of the Legend, Sauron Has Hops 2

The first thing that Tolkien fans should know about Conquest is to forget everything that they think they know about the Lord of the Rings. In the same way that EA has used the Godfather franchise to forge a fun game that uses the film as a springboard for shop smashing extortion, shootouts, and gangland vendettas, Conquest does the same with Peter Jackson’s celluloid treatment by turning it into an action packed killing field of oliphants and elves. Pandemic has leveraged their experience from ...

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Not so Legendary 2

Spark Unlimited's UE3 powered Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, brought a compelling “what-if” scenario to the FPS world by making the Nazis masters of Europe enabling them to eventually launch their long-awaited strike against the United States in 1953. The high profile concept, as compelling as it was for a WW2 nut like myself, fell disappointingly short of its lofty goals with a plot that failed to capitalize on this promise, no thanks to the flawed, bare basics shooter fare backing it. Spark's...

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I Find Your Lack of Polish Disturbing 0

Taking place during the time between Episode III and Episode IV (that's the end of the prequel series and the start of the first Star Wars trilogy), it seems that Darth Vader has had second thoughts on being the Emperor's best friend. While tracking down a rogue Jedi and keeping in check his padawan killing tendencies, he discovers a young boy strong in the Force whom he takes on as a secret apprentice. Codenamed 'Starkiller', he grows up under Vader's secret tutelage in the following years and ...

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