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I just bought devil summoner 2 and from what it seemed the plushies were still in stock so HERE'S HOPE'N I GET MINE WHEN IT ARRIVES WOOOOOOOOO

the game looks pretty fun to me despite vinny and jeff's reaction to it even though I felt the nerd rage subside when they claimed "it seems like one of those games you'd like if you got further into it" so fair's fair. 

I do indeed have the atlust a little more now that this endurance run has been going on and I've loved every atlust game i've played so far which has mostly been the persona series but I've branched out a little more I even liked dokopon kingdom! :O

but ya I hope I do get that plushy I can later hand it over on the proud day I find a female to have a child with, and my son or daughter will have nothing but smiles on their face. Or I'll just sit it on a nice shelf in my lonely apartment and play atlus games and be happy (>w<)b