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The Endurance of Personals


Ok, fellas and ladies. I've been watching the Endurance Run recently caught up and watched episode 19 and I love the idea of this. Because honestly I mean I love sitting with some friends and just watching them play through a game sometime y'know? An RPG catters very well to that and I'm all for it cause I love the persona series. Watching the endurance run flooded back my emotions for playing the game when I got it for christmas I believe and kicked in my soul's face telling me to keep drawing (still haven't) but it also made me realize that I really want a REALLY good dating sim. Don't know if persona simulates dating sim that well but heres my purposal for ya'll.

    Persona 3 and 4 lasted a year in game time I think right well, since the game would blow by if you take out the combat portion I suggest a full last 3 year of high-school the game ends going into college or even a full 4 year college and the game ends after college where all your social links come into play to give you an ending. I've been sick so I've had sometime to think this all out. You can build a relationship with a female (or male if ya SA'WING THAT WAY) and can at one point finish their tree either telling them you love them or gaining a best friend status and after college (we're going with that scenario) you're lover if you kept her/him throughout the game via dating and contact and what have you this person will marry you at the end of the game. This and other friendships are balanced with gameplay through (hate this word but ok) Mini-games through school activities and a job and working multiple jobs is an option. Something with a marriage thing though is that you can never complete everyones friendship tree all the way to a lover status so you'd miss those unique moments, hopefully every date would be some unique story thing tied to game events like if theres a band playing you can call her up or she might call you up you'd never have to be thinking WHEN AM I GONNA MAKE TIME FOR HER there'd be an event of somekind that you could set out as a date.

I have more ideas for this but I figure I'll never see it come from atlus at least in english or probably from any company and I don't have the necesary skills to put together a team and make a large scale dating sim project WHICH SUCKS CAUSE I'D LOVE TAH. Oh well or I can go make real friends and date real women I suppose.

blargh, when's the next endurance run it's been like NOT TOMORROW YET IHJSGFOIGJLA;DKJF;ZXOCIHUWOIERN;AWKSMF/.

good times.

oh and they could call the game "Personals" or something to THAT AFFECT.