Start A Blog Achievement Unlocked

Well, I am basically do this because I like to earn the achievements on this site, but let me tell you a little something too.

I'm really intrigued by Borderlands II. I did not play the original game, but this FPS/RPG genre seems to be right up my alley. So, I am not sure why I missed it the first time around. Perhaps I'm one of those gamers that is lured in by the sequel tag. I think it's mostly because it is the beginning of the video game season and this game just looks great. I'm sad that I missed out on the original, but I'm sure I can pick up with this one and not be too far behind the curve.

Until I gather the funds for Borderlands II, I have been playing NHL 13 and Mark of the Ninja. Two very different games. I'm not huge into sports games, but I am a giant hockey fan. I cannot play hockey or choose not to, so I find satisfaction in creating a pro in NHL 13 and achieving legend status. I dominated in NHL 12 and this years new real physics are throwing me off. I have to like account for friction,momentum, and force (WTF). So I'm getting the hang of it. It is a lot more realistic and I'm getting some more flashy moves down. And slowly I will become greater than Gretzky.

Mark of the Ninja is a game I picked up solely on the buzz that I've been hearing about it. I love stealthy games, because you have to think and map out a plan a little bit. Which is funny because I'm the girl in Halo that runs out guns a blazing and throwing grenades everywhere, but... when in Rome. So I think what I like most about this game is the art style. I love the clean cut flash animationy, Saturday morning cartooness of it all. The cut scenes are really well done. I also am a big fan of the achievements and the ability to reload a checkpoint if you mess up and oops I killed a guard too loudly. The gameplay is solid. I don't think that I've played anything quite like it. I've heard comparisons to Shenobi, but that is a game that I've never played. All I can really say to sum this up is, I would recommend Mark of the Ninja to any gamer. It is just a joy to play.