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VVVVVV offers a great ride while it lasts 0

VVVVVV, for all its simplicity in graphics and sound, managed to surprise me once I moved past the introductory levels. At heart it's a platformer that toys with gravity instead of jumping (in the same way 'splosion Man is blowing up instead of jumping). Dig a little deeper and you'll find yourself thrilled by the ingenuity of the design and the seeds of of a Metroidvania clone that the developer has woven into the game.The premise is simple and inconsequential, but suffice it to say that you're...

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A review from 2005 0

This review was originally written by me for another (now defunct) gaming site.   It has not been altered from its original 2005 verbiage, including the screen-shots.   ---------------------- The PS2 has been around since 2000, and it finally has a killer app.   Sure, there have been lots of good games like Rez and Final Fantasy X, but thus far the PS2 has been missing a flagship title, something that the system will truly be remembered for.   Remember how the Genesis had Altered Beast, Golden...

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A review from 2004 0

This review was originally written by me for another (now defunct) gaming site.   It has not been altered from its original 2004 verbiage, including the screen-shots. ---------------------------    Let's get any negative items out of the way immediately lest anyone reading this review doubt my feelings on the game.   Half-Life 2 took me over 2 hours to install and get running, and that does not count my trip to Best Buy to pick up a new DVD player that would work with the SecuROM encryption on t...

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Not for everyone 0

2007's Lord of the Rings Online:  Shadows of Angmar was a noteworthy challenger to the established juggernaut of Blizzard's WoW, and as great as it was, it suffered from a bit of me-too syndrome.   Most of the game mechanics were borrowed and slightly tweaked versions of its bigger, flashier cousin, but LOTRO succeeded in many ways that WoW could not, carving itself a niche market of lore-nerds and mature players.  Fast forward to 2008 and Turbine has done something amazing -- they released an e...

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As perfect as a game can get 0

Portal, though short at 5 hours, represents the best that gaming can achieve.  I do not make this claim lightly, as I believe Portal holds the spot with no more than a half-dozen other games as representative of the medium's best offerings.I'm sure others can write summaries on the plot and mechanics of the game itself, but what makes Portal successful beyond measure is the integration of storytelling mechanics into the gameplay mechanics.  Few games are successful in this manner, and even those...

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MMORPG for the single-player story enthusiast 2

Lord of the Rings Online is often maligned for it's "WoW-ness" (as in World of Warcraft) and it's true.  Game mechanics are eerily similar in the two games, and that's to LOTRO's credit, as it feels familiar and easy to pick up for the novice or World of Warcraft convert.  Although it shares a lot in common with its more popular cousin, LOTRO takes a different path than WoW, embarking instead on a story-based rather than mechanics-based game system.Everything in the game is steeped in the lore, ...

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Solid, unique single-player CRPG 0

The Witcher is, as the title suggest, a "solid, unique single-player CRPG".  Using Bioware's Aurora engine to bring the world to life, The Witcher offers a highly unique dark-fantasy vision (based on the best-selling Polish novels).  Yes there are dwarves and elves and magic, but don't mistake this for a pure Lord of the Rings ripoff.  There's a heavy dose of racism, rape, prostitution, murder and betrayal involved in the engaging and quite adult (in theme) storyline.The gameplay is a nice chang...

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