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Thoughts about Memberships 6 months in

 Hey Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but got to thinking that Whiskey Memberships just past the 6 month mark.  So I figured I’d share my thoughts about the benefits and experiences since I joined day one.

First off I was one of the people who joined to contribute something to the wonderful people of Whiskey Media.  I joined Giant Bomb like many others because of the Persona 4 Endurance Run, and feel for the staff every time it gets asked of them to do another.  

As far as the benefits of being a member, the only exclusives I know of are the sweet T-shirt, no ads, and the Happy Hour.  I think there are other features, but as far as downloading videos I could care less.  HD doesn’t sway me.  Also are there any “exclusives” per sites or none yet?

Breaking down those features further...the shirt is awesome, but was it worth $50...debatable.  No ads is good, but since the ads are well placed they really don’t bother me that much, because guess what I’ve become accustomed to ads on websites.  

The Happy Hour started off great.  They were like mini extensions of the Big Live, Live Show Live.  Lately though they have been starting to stall some.  The only real segment that never lost steam has been Tested.  

Also because I work second shift and don’t have many nights off during the week.  I hardly get to enjoy the shows live.  So the benefit of essentially a recap show of the week is fading.  

Hopefully there are plans in place for future benefits and something gets announced soon, but come September the way I’m feeling now I will not be renewing.  That might change and hope it does so I can continue to contribute to the employees.

So I leave it and will see what others feel about the memberships.  I expect hate, but some will have good points.  Maybe some of the staff of the various sites will contribute their thoughts.