E3 2012

Here are the games that got me excited about the upcoming gaming season. Some of these are probably far off, others are around the corner.

List items

  • UbiSoft trotting out a new franchise. Looks like a mix of all of their properties, but has me excited from the story perspective. Could be next gen, but would not be surprised it it is not.

  • Star Wars Uncharted with bounty hunters sounds like the best idea ever. On top of that it being more original trilogy seals it for me. Now the only question is when and where will I play it. Because obviously it is headed for next gen consoles.

  • Naughty Dog new IP. Sign me up for a day one purchase. Love that survival aspect of the promise that I Am Alive failed to grasp.

  • Was on my list last year and returns again this year. Too bad this will be released early next year.

  • Yup, got my interest back from all the sequels to Assassin's Creed 2. Although I really liked Brotherhood.

  • Wow, a lot of people will be talking about that South Park game and how it looks just like the cartoon, but I want this before that game.

  • Year of the bow continues. Again was on my list last year and makes it's return.

  • No Giant Bomb fan should go without playing this game. I found myself debating buying this, then thought I could use more Vita games.

  • Taking a look at these last two Criterion made Need for Speed games is making me regret never playing Burnout Paradise.

  • Am kinda getting tired of the Halo franchise, so this barely made the list. Liked what I saw of the new enemies.

  • Honorable Mention. While not showing a lot of Vita titles during the Sony press conference. This one had me excited. Plus female assassin has me intrigued how they will tie that into Desmond's storyline if they do.