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Complete Monsters

A rather controversial topic, the complete monster is a villain with no good qualities (or legit ones anyway), above average heinousness, and is irredeemable. Here's who I think qualifies.

List items

  • Guy destroys dimensions and commits omnicide for fun! Basically Nintendo's Joker.

  • Speaking of, he's evil incarnate more often than not. The comics version, Burton version, Dark Knight, etc.

  • In Luigi's Mansion 2. He attempts to tear the universe apart to make Luigi suffer. All his good traits from the first game are gone.

  • She destroyed an entire city and murdered thousands who got in her way, and destroyed town after town and had her minions steal treasures to put in her palace. That's not all, she then created dungeons and torture chambers for people to be feasted on by her pet dragons, and also created the Crystal Stars to keep the world in this state. Why she did all this you ask? No reason. Even when she was defeated in the past, she trapped the four heroes who defeated her into boxes for one thousand years showing that even defeat wouldn't prevent her savage cruelty. And of course, when Grodus brings her back to life she's still as monstrous as she was a thousand years ago, and seeks to crush the entire world.

  • In the child timeline, where his good traits from WW don't exist. Based on what Hyrule is like under his rule, we know he ain't pretty.

  • the only reason the Twili act antagonistic these days is him.

  • Doesn't care for Lorule like well-intentioned extremist Hilda, and just likes killing and is power hungry.

  • underneath his flamboyance, he's an absolutely sadistic psycho. He strikes me as being more evil than Demise, who's meant to be the devil of Zelda.

  • No, sexiness is not a redeeming trait. Possesses Nayru, corrupts Ambi, enslaves men, turns a CHILD to stone, and has the Maku tree murdered.

  • Wants to wipe out all life in Termina for fun

  • murdered Samus's parents when she was a toddler (and then tried to off her too!) And later worked to commit genocide on the Chozo

  • in the anime

  • As much as a Kirby villain can be, anyway.

  • His experiments are just BAD. Nearly turned Corneria into a wasteland

  • He's a swine in more ways in one. Say it with me: "Dad screamed real good before he died!"

  • One half dictator, one half animalistic beast, one whole evil

  • In the anime

  • in Mystery Dungeon

  • What kind of person would take in an orphan child that he allegedly found living in the woods amongst wild Pokémon, treat him with neglect, emotional manipulation, and mental abuse, and let him be raised in confinement from the outside world alongside Pokémon that he'd had his minions abuse just so the child could be a pawn in his plan to take over the world? Ghetsis would, and he did. And he tries to kill you. And rejected redemption.

  • seriously, the guy tries to sacrifice his own child to raise up a creature that will destroy all!

  • killed Cornelius, brainwashed Tiki, corrupted Hardin, brainwashed Eremiya and turned her into his accomplice, and then restored her memories to taunt her as she died.

  • became king through a BLOOD PACT and made sure to complete it!

  • in Kid Icarus

  • tried to kill her stepdaughter just for being better looking than her, and relished the idea of her being buried alive

  • Oliver & Company; nothing funny or even hammy about him

  • Do I really have to explain this one?


  • commits genocide on the supers because he was understandably rejected by Bob. He kills of real heroes so he can pretend to be one.

  • Reprogrammed a world after destroying two, turned Vanellope into a glitch and had her tormented, goes into a homicidal fury when everything falls apart. Why? Because he was denied attention.

  • in Sonic SatAM

  • say it with me: I AM THE DEVIL!

  • in the X series

  • most every thing in FF7is his fault in one way or another.


  • basically the new Tarkin

  • most, anyway, including the time controller and Davros.

  • in the movie

  • Obadiah Stane

  • in the movie

  • in the comics, the game adaption of The Dark World, and possibly in said film.

  • in the comics

  • in Mother 3