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Getting Left 4 Dead 2 today.

Later today, when I'm done with school work and all that shit, I'm going to go the store and buy a copy of L4D2. 
And why this late after it's release? I'm lazy and procrastinate a lot. Every time I say "I'm gonna save up and buy L4D2", I get like $50 then see a bin full of red balls for $1 each and buy 50. I'm just that stupid.  
Another reason is that I just found out the price dropped to $30. I have no damn idea when this happened, hopefully it wasn't a while ago, because then I'd feel like an extreme idiot. Also I remembered I still have an extra $6 gift card to GameStop from my birthday.  
I'm also not looking forward to playing it at first, because I just started getting good at Left 4 Dead 1. Having to get used to new maps and new special infected is gonna suck. 
Meh, I'm probably gonna get good at it eventually. See ya folks. 


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Multiple people of messaged me about this, so I'll just say it on a blog so everyone can see it. 
My icon is a picture of the girl from the cover art of A Skylit Drive's first album "Wires...And The Concept Of Breathing"