Splinter Cell: Double Agent is punching me in the groin

I love that on the prison breakout level:

  • I was detected by enemies while couching behind the closed doors of moving prison elevator.
  • While in the furious shootout between inmates and corrections officers in the prison cafeteria, I was detected because I tried climbing on the trashcan near the door (but failed somehow), which got me shot at.  I was in complete darkness... in a room full of loud gunfire.
  • I was immediately detected if I attacked an inmate in the cafeteria, even when in complete darkness.
  • Inmates will stop in the middle of the cafeteria shootout in order to investigate any major, minor, or IMAGINARY sound I might make.  They pull a flashlight and slowly search their surroundings.

I concure, Nathan Drake = Nathan Fillion

Generally, I don't even entertain the question "Who would make a great [insert video game character here] in a movie" because it's a total waste of time.   Yesterday, however, I hadn't been playing Uncharted1 for very long before I realized that Nathan Fillion would make the perfect Nathan Drake in a movie.  Obviously, other people have seen this similarity as well if you take a look at the Nathan Fillion page on GB.   Additionally, Bruce Campbell would make a great "Sully ."


Horrible Hinting

 There's a lot of Bombcast episodes so giving quest hints like "They said it on the podcast" is akin to a professor hinting "The answer is in a book in the library."  C'mon!