A pat on the back - you guys deserve it.

I thought today would be easier. I thought today might even be marginally tolerable. But, it isn’t. It never is. But there is one thing that gives me solace: all of you. Ever since the word of Ryan’s passing, the site has been filled with emotions. Support from avid fans from around the world showing their support for the site and, in particular, Ryan’s deep contributions to everyone’s lives. Live streams went up left and right to commemorate this fantastic guy. You all made that possible. There may have been a lot of tears, a few laughs, and maybe even a few smiles here and there. But you guys made it the most memorable day I can remember. I loved reading all the personal stories of how Ryan touched your lives. It only helped to further shape a more perfect image of Ryan in my own mind. It eased the pain. Everyone just proved what this community is made of, and we are a tightly packed unit. The support between users was beautiful. All of it was beautiful. So, from me to all of you I just want to give a big internet style hug and a pat on the back. You guys are probably the best community and you’re really showing it.

I’ve never been a terribly active member of the community, always feeling like I was watching the antics from the sidelines with a smile on my face. Ryan and the crew is what brought me to giantbomb, but you guys were the ones to keep me here. I hope this doesn't come off as insensitive or self-serving, I feel that you all just deserve a very large thank you for being who you are.