It's been real fun Ryan.

I just wanted to say my small piece on Ryan. I joined Gamespot in 2004 and was a fan of the crew ever since then. I would tune in routinely for their On the Spot antics, and always love the endearing silly videos they always made. Ryan’s style was one of the big reasons I grew so passionate about games. After they left Gamespot I kind of lost track of them. I grew somewhat disillusioned with video games. I didn't know giantbomb was a place until about a year and a half ago. You can understand my elation when I discovered that the guys were still around, doing their thing more than ever. I immediately jumped into the community. With the knowledge that they were still around, my love of video games suddenly jumped back into my life. Ryan has been a big part of that. When I was a teenager, I aspired to be more like him, in his critical writing style. As a 20-something I loved his wit and his no-holds-barred attitude towards games. With his loss, I've felt the loss of something special. I never really had a chance to meet him, or speak with him personally, aside from the occasional mention or quote back on Gamespot; some things still stuck with me to this very day. I can only smile with tears in my eyes at the loss of this great man and the memories he left behind. I don't know what else I can say, really. Just... I'm gonna miss him,, dammit. I'm gonna miss him a lot.