Thursday: 7-24-08 Graphic Novels and Electronica

Hard at work on a graphic novel, and attempting to complete my newest electronica album.  This week has been stressful. My wife thought she was getting laid off (turns out that's not true, they just wanted to chat), and I've been slaving away at the UW with some damned long-term project that just got longer, and more irritating. 

I'm looking forward to getting home because I've got Civ: Rev on my queue of games to play.  Also, this evening a few friends and I are going out to have some drinks.

I've been getting back into music (which should never be gotten OUT of, I fear), and now I'm listening to some Long Range--half of Orbital (Phil Hartnoll) with Nick Smith, who's a damned fine DJ.  The band is pretty much my last hope for a euro-electric revival here in the states. Yes, I'm dreaming. Oh well.

eb out