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@justin258: Maybe I'm just personally overly pedantic, but I'm a northerner (from Connecticut, though I've lived in New Mexico for the past ten years), and -- at least where I'm from -- we don't call every sled a "toboggan"; we reserve that term for traditional examples of a toboggan. Everything else we just call a sled.

Also, according to The Internet, the term "toboggan" in reference to the hat started as shorthand for "toboggan hat", ie "a hat suitable for wearing while tobogganing." Kind of weird that the shorthand for the hat stuck, yet people stopped using the term for the sled after which the hat takes its name.

Anyway, I've always just called it a knit cap or "winter hat." Disappointed that option wasn't in the poll.

@crazybagman: You'll find that the Wikipedia page covers most of the different names and the origins thereof:

Most of the differences stem from the fact that this type of cap goes back centuries, with several different origins, all influenced by original purpose and the language spoken at the time in a given area. They're all more or less referring to the same thing, though, and are all equally legitimate. Although I maintain calling them "toboggans" as shorthand for "toboggan hats" is needlessly confusing. What if people started using "baseballs" as shorthand for "baseball caps"? Madness.

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For anyone else who might be interested and doesn't own a PS4, I just checked and it's also on sale on the Xbox One.

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I have a real soft spot in my heart for Secret of Mana; it was the first RPG I ever played, and I have fond memories of going through the entire game with my brother when we were young. Played through the entire game again with my wife several years ago, too, and still enjoyed it.

That said, I'm leery of this remake. Considering how shitty everything Mana-series related has been post-PS1, I'm not convinced Square is interested in giving this the attention and care it deserves. That voice acting certainly doesn't make a good first impression, and the 3D treatment looks underwhelming. Were it a 3DS game I might be alright with it, but as a PS4/Vita/PC release they could do so much more. Something really pretty and stylized that better evokes the concept art for the original game, with a higher poly count and high-res textures, and smooth animation. What they went with is perhaps somewhat faithful to the literal look of the original spritework, but less faithful, I think, to what the original art direction was trying to evoke.

I'll probably end up playing through this with my wife or something, so hopefully the gameplay will be good. Maybe if it sells well enough they'll finally release a version of Seiken Densetsu 3?

Edit: Also, quality of the voice acting aside, wasn't the main character in this game mostly silent? That's probably at least part of why the line delivery in this made me cringe even more.

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Alex and Vinny sometimes make me weep when they pass right by important weapon attachments and don't pick them up, but I still love them. Honestly wouldn't say I have a "favorite", and would actually prefer hosting duties get passed around regularly for variety's sake.

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I used to watch Jesse Cox, some itmeJP, and the occasional Jim Sterling or TotalBiscuit video, but I find I don't have time to keep up with everything anymore. These days, if I watch anyone playing games on YouTube, it's TeamFourStar -- specifically Lani, Kirran, and Grant (by the way), as they have the most entertaining chemistry out of all the guys there (and Grant name drops Giant Bomb a fair amount, which is a nice surprise). My girlfriend's been watching a lot of Press Buttons 'n Talk (with Manky and ProZD), and they're pretty hilarious.

Oh, and let's not forget the powerhouse that is Jeff Green. His Dark Souls speedruns are the standard by which all others are judged.

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I'd also like another D&D CRPG with a turn-based system like ToEE; it allowed them to bring a lot more aspects of the pen-and-paper rules into the combat in a way that the real-time combat systems never really did. Also still fairly bummed we never got to see 4e given proper CRPG treatment, and it's not really looking like we'll ever get anything substantial for 5e, either. With any of the developers I'd trust to make good on the license busily pursuing their own IPs now, maybe it's for the best.

Even though I still haven't found the time to play through any of the other CRPGs I've backed on Kickstarter (Pillars, Wasteland 2, Divinity, Numenera), I'll go ahead and throw some money at this; looks like it could end up decent, and might make a good way to familiarize myself with the Pathfinder setting. (Never actually got into Pathfinder, though I have a bunch of PDFs from Humble Bundle that I still haven't looked through.) If nothing else, I'd like to encourage the continued creation of this style of game.

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I still enjoy listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora from time to time, and I actually like A Thousand Suns quite a bit, which seems to put me in the minority from looking at this thread. None of their other albums have hooked me particularly -- at least not on a first listen -- and I haven't heard anything off their newest at all, but I wouldn't say any of them actively repulsed me. I am all for them evolving and doing whatever they want to do, whether it aligns with my tastes or not, though; happens with a lot of artists I listen to. I have fairly broad tastes, so it usually doesn't result in me losing interest in their work, but every once in a while their new direction and my tastes diverge, and that's fine.

I tend to roll my eyes at people who think an artist or group needs to pander to an audience for their entire existence. Musicians should make the music they want to make -- it's how they got started in the first place -- and if existing fans don't dig the new stuff, then they can listen to something else. It's perfectly reasonable to be disappointed if a musician you like goes in a direction you don't enjoy, but acting like they're committing some kind of betrayal by doing so is definitely not. Not saying anyone in this thread is taking that stance; just my thoughts on the idea of musicians and their fans moving on (or not) from past work.

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I know this has nothing to do with anything, really, but I've always found it weird that X's canonical height is so short (5'3"!). Seeing him standing next to "real people" in all these MvCI trailers (and Zero in MvC3) has just been a real "wtf?" for me for a while now. I mean, I'm pretty short, myself, and nothing about the way X looks in his games ever made me think, "Yeah, there's a guy who's even shorter than me." I always pegged him at over six feet, at least.

But uh. For something actually relevant to the topic, happy to see that they have Command Mission X as an alternate costume (in the deluxe edition pre-order, at least), as I always really liked that design! Maybe Vile for a DLC character? MMX is really about the only IP in this game I have any childhood nostalgia for (despite Capcom's best efforts to undo that), if you couldn't already tell.

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If you look at any screenshots or renders of the character in the Images section of the wiki, you'll see that he doesn't actually look anything like Link. The gameplay is also very distinct from the Legend of Zelda games; it's much more action/RPG than action/adventure. I enjoyed it back when it was brand new, but it probably hasn't aged terribly well.