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O classic difficulty I like to have:

2 snipers: both with squad sight. They are just too powerfull, they are my main killers.Plus having 2 disabling shot makes stunning enemies a lot safer.

2 heavies:1 goes holo targeting/shredder rocket, the other goes bullet swarm/suppression. Heavies are juste incredibly usefull in all situation. Holo targeting helps everyone, suppresssion can save a life, multiple rockets for your big "I'm dead if those two aliens dont die immediatly" moments or just to blow up alien cover or to blow up walls to give a shot to your snipers who is all the way in the back. Way too usefull all around to only have 1.

1 assault and 1 medic

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Always be launching satellites. Get them as fast as you possibly can.

If you're playing on harder difficulties, sometimes it's actually better to keep the satellites in reserve. Since launching one reduced panic instantly, you can save them for the countries where you really need to bring panic down to avoid losing them.

Satellite coverage is always a plus don't get me wrong but that's just something to keep in mind.

Yeah, you don't really need them until the council report so it's ok to save them until then. But if you have enough sats to get a continent bonus you should not hesitate to launch as the benefits from the increased cash flow plus the continental bonus are a huge incentive and resource boon. You should always have more coming in the pipeline too, whether it's building facilities to get more satellites, power plants for the facilities, or constructing the satellites themselves.

Actually, buying satellites and keeping them in reserve is a big waste of money. At the start of the game, and even during the mid game, money is a very precious resource and you should only buy thing that you know you will use as soon as you get them.

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On an open map I think the archangel armor is better. Just park you snipers as high and as back as possible and enjoy.

But there are quite a few maps that are not open at all and where your snipers need to follow your squads. For those, I prefer the ghost armor.

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Yeah you can't control that at all.

It happens often with poison patch but also I found, the soldier like to get on top of a bus to then drop back down on the other side instead of just turning the corner on the ground and staying under cover ...

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Right now the only way to be sure is to buy the OTS ability that turns all your rookies into squaddies. But I find this option comes too late in the game.

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If you only take the last month, there has been a ton of great game:

Torchlight 2

Borderlands 2


XCom Enemy Unknown

Elemental: Fallen enchantress

and a ton more ...