Hey I wrote a review for an old game! Video review maybe someday? http://www.giantbomb.com/sonic-jam/3030-2391/user-reviews/2200-28177

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Duder! I miss you!

There is now no one on this planet that shares my love for Giant Bomb that is close to me. My cousin and best friend passed away due to cancer. He was only 31 years old. He was my Ryan Davis. I was his Jeff Gerstmann. We went to almost every PAX Prime together and we had a blast every time. Death is something that I thought would never come and pay me a visit. Distant family members have died on me and their loss while not a good thing my any means is not as painful. His death cut me deep. I can only find comfort in the fact that I believe in heaven and that he is waiting for me up there.

@gunrock Man why did you have to do this to me man? Why? We were going to grow old together man. We played so many games together, argued over dumb things but in the end all for good fun.

I wish I could write this huge blog and make it all fancy and stuff but I can't. Words and everything in life just seems like its empty.

I just wish I could find another friend that could come and be with me and that we could talk shop all about Giant Bomb. Talking about Giant Bomb is what we did best. Making jokes about the staff and laughing our asses off at all their shenanigans.

I miss you bro, the wait for when we meet again is gonna slowly kill me. I love you man.