Hey I wrote a review for an old game! Video review maybe someday? http://www.giantbomb.com/sonic-jam/3030-2391/user-reviews/2200-28177

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End of an era: Goodbye Giantbomb Premium

First of all this is not a "Giantbomb now sucks" blog. No way. Was it better back in the day? Yes. BUT it still is one of my favorite places to get entertained. I love every single member of both the Beast and West teams. I will always support them in any way I can. What I tune in almost religiously is the podcasts but I like using the podcast app on my iphone to consume them. I might switch to YouTube since its something Ive always wanted them to have: video podcasts.

So what has changed? Well the biggest thing is this whole COVID19 thing thats going on and a whole lot of personal things like my house needing some remodling due to humity. Bottom line: I'm kinda broke. Not MC Hammer broke more like Martha Stuard broke (If you know that movie quote we are best friends btw).

Another factor that has slowly made watching and listening to the Giantbomb crew is that my best friend who I wont get into many details because I already wrote a blog about it, passed away a few years ago. He was my only friend who shared the love of this site. We used to go to PAX just to say hi to not only Jeff and the gang but also the community. It was so awesome. So now thats kinda gone for me. This feels like when Ryan died. At some point the forum thread had to be unpinned. This is me unpinning Giantbomb from my life. Its still there and I will always love everything about this site till the day that I die just like my best friend @gunrock

So yeah, Duder, its over.