Game Production school - Month 3

It's been a while since I've had anything to write about, now with the quest system and spare time I have all I need to blog away. I want to write about something I have been doing for the past 2 months and a half. I moved to Los Angeles and am attending the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood. Now I like movies but that's not what I signed up for. They have a Game Production program and I am in the third month. The course is only 14 months but it covers a wide variety of subjects that are all important for any person wanting to join the game industry. So far I strongly recommend it to anyone that lives in the area or anyone who has a strong pasion for games. I don't work for them or anything and this isn't ment to be some kind of publicity type crap. I just wanna share this really cool experience. 
The first class we took was Global Game Studies. In this class we study games in a historical and cultural importance. It's kinda a history class but you actualy get to experience the games so you realize their importance. Here are some games I first played with this class: Spacewar!, Myst and Castle Wolfenstein. I had never played these games before but wow, their importance in history blows my mind. This class was just awesome and the instructor was also a real great guy, Martin Hagvall.
The second class was Analog Game Theory. Here we take a look at board games and reflect on their importance in game design. The final project was a real challenge. In a team of three, we created 2 board games. Our first game was called Stars of Olympus. The objective was to build constellations with a certain amount of resources. The other game was Doone 3000. Clearly a spoof of this game. The game was all about dexterity. You move your harvesters with "spize" cubes and make sure it doesn't fall off. This class was Mr. Hagvall's specialty, since he actually is a board game designer. At the end of the class we also had a game fair and showed a bunch of people our games. It feels real cool to show people your work even if they are gonna grade you on it.
At the same time as Analog Game Theory we also took another class that I really liked. This was Business of Games. It's pretty much what it sounds like. We take a look at how the games industry works. Giantbomb has been very useful and reading game sites like this one really give you an idea. However, the ones that publishers and other people in the games biz are looking at are Kotaku and Gamasutra. The discussion was my favorite part of this class. The class was given by Robert Bryant. He worked at Mattel and Crave but now publishes games in this own company I think.
Now this month we get into some more technical stuff. Game Art 1 is a class that so far has also been awesome. We learn the way developers work with textures. It turns out Photoshop is widely popular among game artists. We learned some vector art and we made a main character, level and even a boss battle. The instructor is really talented and shows us really cool tricks that game designers use to create certain illusions in games. He worked for Pandemic but wasn't there when it went under.  
On monday we get to make some weapons so that will be cool. 
Well that's all for now, check out the LA Film website to see all the course info if you decide game production is for you!