Sonic Mania delay and Sonic Forces Thoughts

So Sonic Mania got delayed from May 2016 to Summer 2016.

I have two things to say about this: I am sad and I am happy.

So I am sad because I really want to play this game. Simple as that. I'm a huge Sonic fan and of course this game evokes the older Sonic games that we all can agree that were the best Sonic games. Some are even more hardcore and call them the only good Sonic games. I do like Some of the 3D games but of course as an older fan I gravitate towards the older ones with Sonic 3 and Knuckles being the best one in my opinion. Also a delay usually makes me nervous. I usually think that if you delay a game it means something is wrong so they need to work some more on it. The game seems to be in good hands though because its developed by fans who have made some good fan made games or mods. I'm not too sure about that because I haven't delved into fan made games at all.

Reasons to be happy are that this game will get some extra development time and therefore be a better game. Also May is a very tough month for me. Not only is Mothers Day important for me as I am Mexican and down here Mothers Day is serious business, but my wife and I just had a kid on January and that makes her a mom now. So we got that and there are so many birthdays in my family that month including my mom! Bottom line I am always broke that month.

Project Sonic 2017 is now Sonic Forces.

I like the name and what this game seems to be invoking. So the story we pretty much knew from the teaser we got a few months ago. It seems to be that Dr Robotnik wins and Sonic failed to save the day. Seems very familiar... oh thats right its SATAM! SATAM is a cartoon from the 90's just called: Sonic the Hedgehog. In it Sonic leads a team of freedom fighters against Dr Robotnik who has taken over the world. All I can say that this is awesome. Even the slight mention or nod to SATAM is taking Sonic in the right direction. That being said cmon Sega just or bring that show back or incorporate that into the games already. I know its nearly impossible at this point so I will take what I can get with this new game.

What I find weird / don't like: classic Sonic returns. Don't get me wrong I loved Sonic Generations but were getting classic Sonic already in the form of Sonic Mania. The only way I will accept classic Sonic is if the classic Sonic levels are BEFORE Robotnik wins and tells the story of how or why things got bad. Don't just shove or force (HA!) classic Sonic into this just because Generations was great.

I've also seen people saying that the Wisps are back from Sonic Colors. I didn't finish Colors but I didn't like those damn things. Screw them I don't like them they control weird keep those damn things away from me.

Anyways 2017 is looking SO DAMN GOOD for everyone. New Zelda, new Mario and 2 good looking Sonic games. It truly is the best time to be playing video games