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Top 10 Favorite Satoru Iwata games

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Man July just seems to keep on sucking. We sadly lost another legend. Satoru Iwata was an amazing dude and I loved watching him everytime at E3.

As with other great icons of gaming I will admit I would criticized his work sometimes. The Wii and WiiU aren't exactly my favorite consoles of all time and the general backwards thinking of Nintendo in general was something that would make me and others lash out against Iwata. I still stand by that but I acknowledge the many other awesome things the man accomplished and I can only hope to accomplish 1% of what this man did. He understood that games needed to be fun!

All I can do is make this list to remember all the great games he worked on. As someone who wants to make games he was a great inspiration to me and so many others. One of his goals was to make people who don't play games into gamers and thats something I want to keep on doing to honor that legacy.

Now about this list. I will be going through the list of games he is credited in here on the site. From there I will pick put the games that I like and that mostly remind me of Mr. Iwata. You know? FUN! Anyways I know he is mostly Excutive Producer in most but I bet the man coming from Programming and Development he would get in there and give the teams some good feedback on what they were working on. He wasn't just some guy in a suit, he knew what he was talking about. Well, on to the list!

List items

  • The man's ultimate game. I am at a loss of words to describe this game. It's hands down the best Kirby game and nothing has come even close to topping it (Well there is one on the list maybe...).

    Fun, frantic and full of content. It has that Hal and Iwata stamp all over it.

  • Not a very "Iwata" game since he seemed removed from the development but it always seemed to me like he was the man responsible for making this game happen. The only Zelda game that came close to topping the very best: A Link to the Past.

  • Damn that Cat Suit is just so damn FUN! I love Galaxy as much as the rest but this game can be so laid back and oozing with charm; just like a Kirby game!

  • Now this one is not that recognized and in some cases I've seen people hate it. What the hell man? Anyways the game plays great. I'ts not trying to out "Super Star" Super Star. In fact I'd say its the purest Kirby game because of the "Making people happy" mechanic in the game. I could not think of a better name, sorry. Each level has a character that has some sort of side quest within the level that will make them happy. Kirby then takes this happiness to get the real ending.

    The graphics are great, kind of like a crayon or a coloring book. Way ahead of it's time Nintendo was paving the way for games like Epic Yarn, Cuphead and many other games that go beyond looking like 8 bit games or going for realistic graphics. Theres so many other looks that are yet to be explored.

  • Another one of those games that doesn't really have the Iwata signature at all actually. Nintendo didn't even develop this awesome game. The thing is that this game wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for Mr Iwata. Hell I bet he was the one who made the deal himself. So as a fan of the first game I want to thank him for that. Of course I bought the game so that is not just some empty thanks.

  • Pretty much all the Smash games seemed to have some kind of Iwata in them. I can't remember what Smash was it this one or Brawl but Iwata announced it without Sakurai even knowing it was in Development! I would like to think that Iwata just willed it into existance right then and there!

  • A true classic. Simple and fun. What most phone games want to be today.

  • Another one that deserves to be a well known classic but it's just a classic. I'm not much for puzzle games but this one is awesome. The characters of Lolo and Lala are featured in some Kirby games and even the TV show.

  • I was an early adopter of the DS. I did not own a Nintendo 64 ever. That pretty much tells you why I got this. Still this is a way to recognize that he was the director of Super Mario 64 but at the same time I can't really put that one on the list because... *gasp* I have not played the original. I know I'm a monster. Still who knows he might have been a driving force to create this awesome and very important game to the industry.

  • You might be thinking: "Ok now he is just digging up crap to make it a top 10". No. This game is just my favorite Mario Party EVER and I have many fond memories of playing this with my brothers and friends. It stays true to what Iwata was all about: Keep it simple and FUN!