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Hey I wrote a review for an old game! Video review maybe someday?

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Top 10 Games of 2016 (So far) (Plus Honorable mentions 11- whatever)

Here I will keep track of the games I've played this year!

This year I will go ahead and add games that didn't come out this year because I will be trying to clear out some of my backlog and revisit some great games.

List items

  • You might think this one is one hell of a dumb pick. Why play this game in 2016 of all things? Well if you look at another list I did you will know why I played it and placed it so damn high.

    I honestly can't tell if it's nostalgia or this game is really just that damn good. It's not like I'm going off of memory here, I literally played this game 100% to completion. It really is that damn good. If you can't see it well sorry my limited amount of words just can't do this game justice.

  • Played the first Dark Souls and loved it. One of the best games of last generation. This is a more refined version of that and I am happy for that.

  • I'm not an RPG fan at all. I hate waiting and getting lost in games. While I do have to wait for my turn here it doesn't bother me too much because the way you can interrupt attacks and the presentation oh man I love the way the camera is fast and loose in battles.

    Sure the game is linear but the characters and story are great and the combat system is a lot of fun. This might be my favorite JRPG.

  • DAT ENDING!! In all seriousness I love this series and I just wanna say I applaud that this game didn't get a stupid subtitle (looking at you Halo 5). I don't know why I keep on expecting a lot of story in these games but I just do. They have something real special there but it just goes so slow.

    Now the gameplay is superb. No complains there. Just as awesome as previous games and even more refined.

  • So far so good with this punching demons simulator.

  • Same as with Zelda a Link to the Past I played this game for a very personal reason I detailed in my previous list. I still think MMX and MMX4 are better but this one is pretty good to.

  • Not a huge fan of the Metal Gear games but once in awhile I play them because of my good friend @gunrock. I am kinda like Jeff on this series, it seems the even numbered ones are the ones I end up liking. This one of course breaks the curse of the odd numbered ones and delivers a game that is extremely fun. Just exploring and finding stuff for your base is fun as all hell.

  • So far so good with this awesome Zelda meets Dark Souls game.

  • I've been a console gamer up until two years ago when I decided to get a GTX 970 for all my multiplats. So I never actually beat the original Doom even though I own it on Steam for like 5 years or even more. This game I gotta say it holds up very well. Getting lost was a thing still but the map is useful enough and the action is great. Now I can better appreciate Doom (2016) when I get around to playing it. I want to play it for this list hopefully.

  • I only wanna play this to play with some friends, I'm no pro player by any means. Still a fun game to play with a great podcast.

  • My first attempt at getting into this series. I don't get it.

  • Man do I have a massive backlog. I remember Brad mentioning this game and how it wasn't that bad. Now I see why. The combat is good and engaging. Nothing special really but it was fun. I guess I needed a break from so many long ass games so this game was just what I needed, short and flashy.

    This game also made me see just how hung up on graphics we can be sometimes. The game looks great and I'm sure it looks better on PC but really cmon 1) Is it really that much better looking? and 2) Who cares? I still love my gaming PC and it's my main device but I still enjoy my Xbox One just fine and this game proved it to me, a launch title no less.

  • Another one of those games where I had to see what it was all about. I don't get it.

  • Yikes. Ok so yes I can be forgiving when it comes to Sonic games but this one isn't as bad as the Wii U game. It's fine really.

  • One of those games I want to see what it was all about. I like to think that when it comes to old games I can objectively put myself in that time and place... kinda place. So I still think this game is hot garbage but since I have very little games played so far it literally is one of the 10 games I played this year. The story is really all it has going for it and the tech sure was great but nothing about this game holds up at all. Sorry better luck on HL2.