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Games completed in 2010

I'll update this list as I complete games in 2010! Nice way of keeping track, ain't it?

List items

  • Had a blast with the game. Didn't like the combat system as much as other people, but had a lot of fun nonetheless! Might go back later in the year in order to finish straggler challenges. Played on Xbox 360.

  • This game is awful, the movie it is based on surely is not. Played on Xbox.

  • Played this since it was crying from the shelf and ' cause the new game is coming out this year. It's a good game for its time, but REALLY dated in comparison to current shooters. Pretty short too, finished it in two sittings, and I'm not the marathon kind of player. Still, fun. Curious to see if Redemption will continue with Red's story. Played on Xbox

  • Ugh, started off well then quickly diluded into a repetitive mess. Glad I'm done with it. Played on Xbox.

  • Had a lot of fun with this one, still lots of collectibles to pick up, but might as well add it to the pile of finished games since the main campaign is done, the rest is just padding, really. Great game. Online is fun but a goddamn (and unfixed from the get-go) bug deletes saved stats. Happened to me, probably never playing it online ever again. Shame. On Voilition. Played on Xbox 360.

  • Even though this was finished since 2008, I went back to it to create some new alternatives for ME2 character imports, cleared out some of the achievements. Not gonna do harder difficulty runs, I like the game but am not feeling masochistic. Played all the characters on casual difficulty, pretty fun couple of days. Probably never coming back after I close out my quarian/sentinel ally run. So many times a person can visit every single planet in order to drive the very same three types of structures and killing off one of three/four types of enemies. Looking forward to the sequel. Played on Xbox 360.

  • Loved most of this game, definitely an improvement over its prequel. The problems I had were the glyph puzzles and flying sections, nothing huge, but are detractors nonetheless. Also played the two DLC packs for review. Good content overall, even though it belonged in the freaking game in the first place.

  • What a game. I had a blast. I won't call it better than the first game, but more of an expanded game than that one. The lore was already solidified in the first one, so this one had a clear way to start with a bang. I still want to go back to play the upcoming DLC packs and possibly for a insanity run through. I played a renegade character. Renegade interrupt is the best!

  • Epic series, epic game, epic ending. Can't say I loved every minute of it, there are definitely annoying parts here and there, but overall, an awesome game. Totally worth the wait!

  • I really enjoyed this one, even though some of the puzzles are slightly dumber than the first game. Lots of cutscenes! Very fun story, still lots of secrets to uncover, but the main story is done and I might move on to other DS games before jumping back and 100%ing it.

  • I had a good time with this one, overall. There are lots of frustrating spots, though, especially with shootouts. Enemies take way too many shots before dying, and the fact that their aim is pratically perfect no matter the range, you can guess I died a lot. The last section of the game is one of the worst, died constantly before figuring out the poorly implemented pattern for the final enemy. Trophy glitches did not help, either, as a couple I earned playing through the game were not awarded and I have no clue how to unlock them now. I probably will try to play this again in the future, maybe after going through the second Uncharted. Doesn't really live up to the hype, other than the very well acted cutscenes and animation. For the rest, I'd say it's pretty passable.

  • Overall great game, hampered by annoying and unprecise touch screen controls. Pretty long lifespan! I got all the extra life containers and stamps. Didn't bother trying to catch all the rabbits, though.

  • Great remake of the all time classic. A bit too old school, but fun nonetheless. A boss in particular was a bit cheap towards the end, but nothing horrible. Had a great time with this. Hope they remake the other Lunar the same way they did with this one!

  • Loads better than the first one! Not sure I'll be able to stomach a 'crushing' playthrough though.

  • Great, great game. Awesome art, voice work, levels... loved it. Can't wait for the sequel! Go go Joe Madd!

  • I had a lot of fun with this. Started out not liking the single player, but then it *clicked* and I couldn't help but finish it in the span of a weekend. The multiplayer is pretty fun too, I'm almost to level 40, might as well go for the entire thing. Also, might go for a hard difficulty run. By the end of the game I was regretting not playing on that from the start. Ah well.

  • A very strong game, which I sadly left in the shelf for most of last year. I'm glad I picked it back up. Awesome single player and a decent multiplayer mode to boot.

  • A by-the-book JRPG, not much to say. Wouldn't have thought of picking it up if I wasn't reviewing it as it's kinda in the same boat as everything else. Pretty competent, though.

  • I had a lot of fun playing this one for review. It got a little too annoying by the end thanks to some cheap bosses, but nothing like an extra 4-5 hours of grinding to kick their butts into shape. Ended at around 68 hrs playtime, level 93, with the male main character. Might playthrough as the female with the clear game save file in a few years...

  • Beautiful art style choice, but an otherwise just 'okay' game. I didn't fall in love with it like the other 90% of the audience did. Too much trial by death for its own good. Not horrible, but not incredible, either. I was ready to be done with it just about the time it ended.

  • Fun game, some frustrating spots, probably not going back for 100% goals, some are VERY annoying.

  • It was just okay... a bit overhyped.

  • I loved it. The story kinda fell apart in my opinion to the end... but either way, a great game. Looking forward to getting the 100% completion achievement 'REDEEMED'.

  • Good tease for the actual retail game!

  • Had a blast playing this for review!

  • Ugh. Just. Ugh.

  • Brilliant game in a brilliant series. The block pushing puzzles werent't bad at all this time around!

  • One of my favorite games of the year. It's probably my favorite Remedy games too, along with Max Payne 2. Tense, atmospheric and freaking scary. Looking forward to playing both of the downloadable content packs!

  • I have to say I really enjoyed it, considering how quickly I finished it. This game has some great writing and an epic story, but even though it's fairly different from previous Ace Attorney games, it still has some of the problems. Pros out-weight the cons, though! Looking forward to the second one.

  • One word: cute. Two words: as hell.

  • I loved it and hated it. Loved mostly everything, hated the controls and the map! Poo-ey.

  • I had put this off since 2008 when I got stuck at one of the bosses, only to jump back to it now and complete it in a couple of weeks. Fun stuff. 78% items, probably will not go for the rest.

  • Very, very funny game. The fighting can get a little repetitive but I enjoyed this one a whole lot. Pretty lengthy for a downloadable game too.

  • Even better than the first one. Loved all the MI references!

  • My least favorite Splinter Cell ever. Lots of annoying moments. Fun overall, though.