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Whatever could they want with a psychotic bunny's macarroni?! 0

The third episode of Sam & Max's season three can be considered one of the most straightforward games ever to come out of Telltale. That surely wouldn't be a good thing if They Stole Max's Brain! wasn't as well planned and executed as it is.There isn't much to hide story-wise, the title kinda gives it away - Max's brain was stolen as soon as the duo's little movie trip from last episode was done with. Sam was conveniently absent for the closing part of the presentation as we can recall...

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Proving that a beautiful art style is not enough to carry a game. 0

 There's no denying it, Lucidity is a beatiful game. It started out as a side project among developers over at LucasArts, and quickly evolved into a full fledged Xbox Live Arcade release, combining the frantic pace of a Lemmings game with the strategic and luck-of-the-draw pace of Tetris. The result is a heart tearing disconnect between a thoughtfully designed art style and actual gameplay. Lucidity revolves around a tale of loss, and how a little girl, Sofi, copes with it. Her vivid memo...

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"In cards, you can die many times, unlike war." 0

 Dubbed as "The War to End All Wars", World War II has more than seen its share of games, mostly in first person shooter form. Normandy Beach has been stormed through and through, Berlin invaded more times than can be counted and even Hitler has gotten the axe in a variety of ways - even while wearing a mechanized armor. Want to win the war in Panzer General: Allied Assault? You better have a steady hand. At cards.Developed by Ptetroglyph, a remnant of Westwood Studios and responsible for the Em...

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Fable II is a midly enjoyable, albeit artificial feeling game. 0

After years in production, Peter Molyneux's piece, Fable II, is finally upon us on the Xbox 360. Following a similar mold from its 2004 predecessor, Fable II introduces new features and improves upon what the former game built, but in the end, it feels overly artificial and irrelevant. Five hundred years after the events of Fable, Albion - the fantasy world that both games take place - has gone through radical changes. These resulted from the dissolution of the Heroes' Guild, after the Heroes b...

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Escapology is Mr. ESC's cup of tea... better yet, coffee. 1

EXIT is a 2D side scrolling puzzle game that started out as a PSP game and was ported over to the Xbox Live Arcade late last year. Its main premise is simple - Mr. Esc, the game's caffeine-driven main character, always seems to find himself deeply involved in some sort of terrible disaster, and along with himself, he has to save other victims from the many traps, twists and turns found throughout the game's 22 cases - 12 of which are accessed through two free game content packs offered for downl...

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Benvenuto alla Famiglia i alla Cosa Nostra. 0

When EA announced that a Godfather game was in the works, I have to admit I thought "What the heck are those guys thinking?!". It's hard to imagine a story like the movies and book that is told in a way to be made into a game. Sure, Mafia did a story that had inspirations in Mario Puzo's novel, but it didn’t have the huge backlog and already stablished characters like The Godfather saga. Even Francis Ford Coppola, the movie’s director and producer deeply resented the making of the game in publi...

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Halo fits the bill nicely as the first Xbox FPS. 2

In 2001, a little known Apple-based developer called Bungie released a game that would be on of the launch titles for Microsoft’s first venture in the video game console business. Its name was Halo. Seven years later, with a sequel under its belt and millions of copies sold worldwide, Halo shows that being a multi-million seller game doesn’t exactly mean it has to be bland nor easy in difficulty. It all starts about five hundred and fifty years into the future, the human race is through buildin...

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Crypto's back and this time he's got the groove. 0

Whoever played last year's Destroy All Humans! enjoyed a great action adventure game filled with fun bits and bites into 1950's United States cultural background. From the nuclear paranoia to the American economic power after World War II, basically everything was touched, and thoroughly destroyed. A year and change after, Destroy All Humans! 2 is released by Pandemic Studios, the same company responsible for Mercenaries and Star Wars Battlefront. Far from being a worse game than the original o...

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Say hello and goodbye to his little friend. 0

When someone talks about gangster movies, most people remember The Godfather, with its '40s representation of what the lives of gangsters were like. How about the '80s? How did those gangsters evolve? These were questions that found their answers in Scarface, released into theaters in 1983. In a setting reminiscent to Miami Vice's, the movie told the story of Tony Montana, a cuban exile that arrives in Miami with nothing but his clothes, and ends up taking over the whole town by force. The film ...

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Put these dogs to sleep. 0

Reservoir Dogs is the newest movie-to-game adaptation to hit the current generation of consoles (and in this case, the PC as well). The movie from 1992, directed by Questin Tarantino, is a violent tale of a group of bank robbers who get into all sorts of conflicts, from gun fights to internal power struggles. It sort of received a loyal fan base over the years, and it turned into somewhat of a cult movie. I, for one, never seen the movie nor enjoy Quentin Tarantino's movies a whole lot, so I th...

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No need to theorize - Sam can provide all the chaos you need. 0

Along with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell brings to the world of gaming all the international intriguing cloak and dagger of espionage. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the third game in the long running Tom Clancy series developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This time, Sam Fisher, a 'Splinter Cell' agent from a secret U.S government office called Third Echelon, and the game's protagonist, has to stop a terrorist group from seizing and using a computerized weapon system on the innocent. Whil...

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God of War is bigger, badder and bloodier in this sequel. 0

God of War II's story starts in the same epic vein as the closing of the previous game. At the end of God of War, Kratos, a Spartan warrior turned into a 'do-it-all' of the gods, claimed his place among them in Olympus as the new god of war. This sequel takes place soon after that, with Kratos becaming more and more bored with his constant conquest through war across all of Greece. Feeling shunned by his fellow gods, he decided to take control of the destruction himself, against the wishes of O...

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Restless Dreams provides very little new content. 0

In 1999, Konami introduced players to the city of Silent Hill. It's your typical Midwest American town, an isolated place, filled with fog and the occasional paranormal activity. The game was a mix between the survival horror genre - established by Resident Evil, with fixed camera perspectives and horribly mutated creatures - and a H.P Lovecraft suspense novel. Two years later, Silent Hill 2 was released for the PlayStation 2, and three months later, for the Xbox and PC, dubbed Restless Dreams -...

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Quick wits and imaginative thinking go a long way in the Curious 0

Despite its looks, Professor Layton and the Curious Village is far from being a game just for kids. Developed by Level-5, the studio behind Dragon Quest VIII and Dark Cloud, it combines two brain twisting genres into an unique title on the Nintendo DS. The story begins when Professor Layton, a puzzle fanatic and part time detective, and his side kick, Luke, receive a message from Lady Dhalia, a rich widow in search of a lost valuable memento left by her late husband, called the Golden Apple. B...

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