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A good deal for 5 dollars 0

The positive:Simple, basic combat is easy to pick up and playVisuals/Audio is so cheesy it is hilariousFatalities are as awesome as everThe NegativesA small amount of stages to fight onThree of the characters look identical except for tunic color (very lame)Only a small amount of special attacks per characterSmall number of charactersLui Kang feels cheapOnline play is shallowI grew up on this game, and the many reasons why it was so fun then still hold true today. Like the old man with the aweso...

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The best free FPS out there 0

I am a major fan of F.E.A.R., so it only seemed natural that I would love the multiplayer as well! I did, and although it isn't perfect, it comes very, very close! Let's begin the review:Visuals:4/5F.E.A.R. Combat is a good looking game. Plain and simple. The dynamic lighting is a little plain, but in a multiplayer FPS it really doesn't matter. Where the game shines is through visualizing damage. Every shot fired into your opponent sends blood splattering all over, as their body twitches and fla...

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The weakest link in the Metroid Prime chain 0

Visuals: 5/5While not technically impressive, the artistic design behind Corruption is flawlessly imaginative. The set pieces are so large they will blow your mind, and that is a very good thing! The models are very good, tons of detail and it all runs very smoothly. The texture work is downright impressive, some of the best I've seen in a video game, to date! The effects (sparks, energy blasts, explosions, etc...), all look superb. The environments, from the fiery lava pits to to the abandoned ...

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Time has not been kind to this ground-breaking FPS 5

Some games age better than others. FPS's can be separated into 2 visual categories: Pseudo-3D and Full 3D. Games like Goldeneye are fully 3D, while games like Doom 1 are pseudo 3D (they have 3D levels but 2D characters).Pseudo 3D games do not age well, and Duke Nukem 3D is a stunning example of how a game can become a victim of changing conventions.... So lets begin the review!Visuals: 2/5Duke Nukem 3D looks absolutely dreadful. The world is rendered entirely in 3D, but the low level of detail a...

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A solid shooter that is suprisingly fun but much too short 0

I won't lie, I bought this game for the multiplayer. At the time I only had a Gamecube in the house, so when my friends came over and we needed our FPS fix, this game would deliver. The multiplayer is bare-bones and simple, and in that simplicity it triumphs. Easy to pick up and play, it is an absolute blast when you have 4 people together, although the low resolution makes split-screen more of an eyesore than it should be. Nonetheless, the over-the-top rag doll physics makes every kill deeply s...

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Good fun in short spurts 0

Chalk is alot of fun, with an arcade feel and tons of artistic finesse! In the game you draw lines of chalk to defeat enemies and destroy obstacles, and all of this is very well done and offers just the right amount of challenge. The bosses are very interesting and again, very well done.It's art style, combined with it's unique gameplay and quirk, make this a no-brainer for any PC owner. Download it today!...

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