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It was never about journalistic integrity. That happened in 2008 when Jeff was fired from GameSpot. The fact GameSpot is still around says something about how little gamers care about journalistic integrity. Gamergate is not about that. It started out as a personal campaign against Zoey Quinn, and to a lesser extent the men who promoted her work. But gamers thought there was something to it, because when journalists called it out for what it is, it always seemed like they needed a scapegoat, and accusing gamers of being sexist was the scapeghoat. Also, gamers apparently take it really personally when you call them immature and sexist. The whole thing quickly became a feminist battleground, which made gamers hate it even more, which resulted in even more condescending articles by game journalists. Which resulted in more backlash. So on and so forth. It just kept escalating.

What it is NOW I'm not sure, because I stopped paying attention to it a while ago. I'm surprised its still ongoing.

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Yes, a few. F-Zero GX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog come to mind. Mostly it's because I sold my Gamecube and didn't need my games anymore, but eventually ended up getting a Gamecube again so I needed some of those games back. (but I recently got rid of my Gamecube again and all the games)

I bought a few Command & Conquer games several times, so me and my brother could play LAN, or on the internet simultaneously against other players. The great thing about C&C games though is that each game came with two discs which counts as two copies since you're allowed to put each on a different PC. However the expansions are just a single disc, so I got two copies of Red Alert Yuri's Revenge so we could both play the expansion. I think I might have bought a 2nd copy of Tiberian Sun also because it was on clearance and came with the Firestorm expansion pack.

But if we're talking about much more recently, I got a used copy of Ace Combat Joint Assault on ebay, I think this was back in 2010 when the game first came out. Just last week, I bought the game from PSN, and gave my physical copy to someone else.

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Because people hate nice things, which includes framerate and color.

Let's all stop complaining and play games where everything is yellow, and which run at an ultra realistic 20-30 fps. Because all that matters is that the game looks good in trailers and screenshots in order to being in those preorders!

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For the cost of purchasing such a controller, you could just save up money to buy another controller (or several controllers) for when it breaks. Anyone knows this, so I fail to see there being a market for such a controller. Also, mybe its just me but dont most gamers already consider first party controllers as somewhat premium grade?

Also, lets say your infant child vomits into the USB port of your controller. Baby - 1. Ultra High End controller - 0

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Ask to have your head shaven. Afterwards, regularly shave it yourself. Then, never return to a barbershop ever again.

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Usually updates Tuesday evening or late afternoon. (EST master race)

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@corevi: that I would say that is highly doubtful, unless I was being ironic or rhetorical. You probably just misread one of my posts.

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Magic the Gathering is love. Magic the Gathering is life.

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There is nothing before the PS1 era worth playing. Back then there was only 2D so game companies pretty much just shoveled side scrollers, shmups, and Street Fighter clones.

PS2 - play Ace Combat 4

Wii - play Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers, Cursed Mountain, the Wii Sports games, and maybe Zelda Skyward Sword

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It's a game called Sonic Adventure 2. You probably never heard of it.