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To me this just sounds kind of like evolve but with friday the 13th trappings, I'm sure it will be a fun game if you get a good group of people together but it could lose it's appeal pretty quickly (there isn't even the enemy variety compared to that game) and I'm not really interested unless the single player is more significant than it currently sounds.

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If I were to get a game in November it would be Fallout 4, but I'm still getting through MGSV and want to play Soma next so I'm in no particular rush, it'll give them some time to iron out whatever bugs I'm sure will pop up after release.

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I've played all the main entries in the series apart from Peace Walker, I played Ground Zeroes and picked up the story well enough from the recap but I didn't appreciate the story as much compared to previous games because the story heavily centred around two characters who were only really in PW (though I thought the game itself was fun regardless)

Anyway, do you think the story would still hold up for someone who has a limited knowledge of Peace Walker?

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I kind of didn't like EGX demo I played to be honest, though I'm not sure if it was because of the circumstances or the demo itself, the way they set it up to almost be a time trial and that the time to beat to get through the stage they presented you with kind of spoiled the atmosphere to be honest. I was going in to the demo expecting something like amnesia or at least a horror feel but the way they demonstrated it made it just feel like a very unforgiving stealth game.

Honestly a lot of the problems could have come from the 10 minute time limit and just being thrown in there, but it seemed that the alien was almost too reactive in a way, I had sneaked into dark corners away from it's line of sight but somehow it knew exactly where I was on the map and killed me before I could even react. The thing that made amnesia scary was the back and forth, you were defenseless and this thing could rip you apart at any moment but despite feeling constantly vulnerable you knew that even in the worst possible circumstances there was a small chance you could get away. Basically I don't want to play a game where I just find myself dying over and over again, it takes me out of the experience. I know I wasn't alone in this reasoning since my friend had a similar experience with it all, I'd like to try the demo again in a more calm, less limited situation (or just play the campaign instead of this challenge mode thing which this seemed to be) because despite the graphics and the sound being great I wasn't really enjoying what I played.

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$84.43 million

Amazing sounds somewhat like eightmazing, the other numbers are random, I should do this professionally.

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@yummylee: Most HBO shows are on sky's demand service, at least GoT, The Wire, Broadwalk Empire and True Detective are (though they take them down and then put them back up quite randomly so it's not that ideal of a situation) so I'm guessing this deal doesn't extend to the UK.

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I like how the moustaches actually move around as they drive, maybe they did that in previous games but I never noticed until now, I appreciate the upgrade in moustache tech. Nintendo have always been pretty great with getting the best out of things visually, you just have to look at the Mario Galaxy titles to see that.

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I enjoyed the first 3 gears games a lot (though I never played judgement) but I'm not particularly excited for this, I mean I'm sure when Gears four or whatever they are calling it comes out I'll be eager to see what they do next with the story and the world but in a way I guess I was kind of hoping this new generation would bring with it it's own franchises. Honestly I think in general that's my problem with the releases of these consoles so far, it seems like both platforms are delivering more of the same in a slightly prettier package. I mean sure there will be some older franchises carried over, but I was kind of hoping this would be the fresh start that the previous generations had in a way, a chance for new series and ideas to emerge. That may well happen in time but still, at the moment this new generation hasn't brought that new feeling with it yet.

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I'll be honest, as much as I still enjoyed the content this year overall I do miss the video top tens from the staff this year that we got previously, I know they kind of did that in their daily videos anyway but they weren't as polished as those other videos (I'm talking specifically about when they say their top ten games, the different eras of giant bomb parts were fantastic) I guess the written lists were basically that anyway and they would have probably pretty much read those out but it's still kind of a shame in my opinion, though I can understand that this year has been a more difficult one (to say the least) than usual and they've done a remarkable job in terms of the guest tops tens and the production quality in the daily videos they did put out.

I really enjoy the game of the year week though, the podcasts especially are a lot of fun and remind me of games I may have forgotten during the year (considering all the festive sales it's pretty good timing for that too)

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I'm looking forward to giving it a go, I've always had a interest in it (mostly due to the various Quick Looks on the site) but I never got around to picking it up so I can't wait to give it a go.

Microsoft's service may be a little slow but well I can't usually afford every game that comes out in a year most of the time so there are a lot of older ones that I end up just missing, it's kind of cool that some of them are getting a new lease of life through this service (I broke my leg recently and spent a surprising amount of time playing crackdown due to it being on games on gold, when you can't walk it's quite satisfying being able to kick cars at crowds of people)