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Dear Shank 0

Dear ShankI don't really mean what I said in the title it's just we have been dating for 3 hours now and I feel that it's over. We had some good times in that three hours but you kept saying the same thing over and over again and I have to move on and see other people instead of the same four or five guys you gave me. Yes, I think you are beautiful, it's not about that at all! It's not about looks! You want to know why? an example of why I am not happy with you? I nearly fell asleep when you tol...

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Great game. 0

It's been years since I have bought a fighter but after seeing what was in this package and the price point I was convinced this would be a good purchase.  From the start you have all 35 of the characters unlocked and able to jump into the many different modes the game has to offer. It's unfair for me to compare this game to the last since I did not play it but from what I read they have added 10 new characters, some new levels and a better online experience. For someone who hasn't been in the f...

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