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Argh, which game do I get?! (fighters)

I want to get another fighting game. I've been rocking SF4 since its release, but I need something to switch off with.

I've been watching videos from the ArcadeInfinity YouTube page, seeing what's what and how a good match looks, and they're both pretty even in my eyes. I wish I could magically be able to get both, but that isn't going to happen.... so hmm. I'll embed a video from each that I really enjoy, so you guys have something to go off of, especially if you haven't been following them.

King of Fighters XII:


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


I have played KoF games in the past, which are all pretty decent, just I've never gotten hugely into them, but I do respect them. Seems pretty close to Street Fighter in the terms of general gameplay and mechanics, so seems like it would be easy to settle into, but then again, maybe it would be TOO familiar and not give me enough variety. BlazBlue looks like it borrows heavily from the guilty gear games, but goes more in a darkstalkers direction which I do enjoy. Seems like it would definitely be a night and day change from SF and might give me the variety I hunger for, but it could be a gamble because I have no idea if the gameplay will suit my style, as I've never played Guilty Gear for more than a few minutes. HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm..................